After A Panic Attack What to Do: Feeling Weak after Panic Attack - After an Anxiety Attack Headache

They can hit us without any warning and be a terrifying experience, symptoms such as a racing heart, shortness of breath and a trembling body are all part of a panic attack with the underlying fear that go with them, but what happens after wards. How is the body and mind affected and is there anything we can do to ease us back to normality.

There is a feeling of being totally vulnerable, the thought of another episode can fill the individual with a lot of fear in itself and this can be the only thing the mind can think about. The mind can be in a state of confusion and not understand what has happened, we may feel lost and alone, thoughts of trying to escape to somewhere safe and the need to find a familiar safe environment can be the only goal after this very anxious experience.

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Apart from the mind being in turmoil, the body can be left totally exhausted, it can feel like we have done a two hour workout or run a marathon. During a panic attack it is easy to understand that the muscles in our bodies would have been very tense and depending on how long the episode lasted can determine how exhausted the body will feel. So it is no wonder that we can feel physically weak and lacking in energy.

It can take the individual a while to get the mind and body back to some kind of normality and it is a good idea to try and relax as soon as possible after this anxiety has ripped through them both. The only thing we might want to do is hide from everyone and everything. If circumstance allows it is a good idea to try and sit quite and consciously relax the muscles in the body and through breathing calm the whole system down to a normal running speed.

We can feel very emotional, but the biggest feeling after wards is the anxious fear of another attack, the thought that it could happen again. This is when our lives can be affected, we may start to avoid the place or situation in which the episode took place in fear that it will happen again if we go there or do the same thing again. This is a natural reaction, but one that is as irrational as the panic attacks themselves. The mind can become one tracked after such a traumatic experience and the only thing that is important is to some how avoid ever going through the same again and this is why we will avoid the same situation of our last episode.

Help is needed, but many carry on without it and let this condition affect their lives for years. Medication can be a very effective remedy for the short term, suppressing the anxiety and its symptoms. The long term help will come in the form of therapy that will deal with the thoughts and emotions that can trigger the anxiety in the first place and this is the most effective relief to help conquer panic attacks and rid our lives of them for good.

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Outward appearances and personality types mean nothing when it comes to anxiety disorder. There are things that are hidden from view which will determine whether ordinary nervousness will become full-fledged anxiety. Most of these things are in the way a person responds to situations rather than his/her normal behavior or demeanor.

In this article, we will talk about the contributing factors that make anxiety disorder out of ordinary nervousness. We will also touch on the ways a person can prevent anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

Fearing the Unknown

Nervousness is a normal human condition. This does not mean everyone is nervous all the time. It simply means most people become nervous sometimes. Also, it is fair to say there are people who are nervous for a very large percentage of their lives.

These folks who spend lots of time being nervous do not all suffer from a nervous condition such as anxiety disorder. So, how do they avoid anxiety disorder while others cannot? There are two contributing factors that turn nervousness into anxiety disorder:

1- Persons who are nervous, even very nervous but know why they are nervous and feel the reason they are nervous warrants being nervous, lack one of the contributing factors of anxiety disorder. This contributing factor is...


2- Nervousness brings on uncomfortable physical feelings because when nervous, adrenaline pumps through the veins and adrenaline brings with it strange sensations. When the nervous person does not become concerned about these feelings, he or she lacks the second contributing factor of anxiety disorder. This contributing factor is ...Trying to fight off or pull away from physical feelings brought on by nervousness.

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Bewilderment's Role

Nervousness can bring about feelings that will make some people queasy or sick to their stomach. It can also make some feel unsteady or off-centered. There are also those who say they feel like they are in another world.

If these feelings do not bewilder the nervous person, it is likely they won't add any more nervousness to their nervousness and therefore no more adrenaline will be added to this person's already adrenaline filled bloodstream. This type of person will probably not experience panic. So, he/she may remain nervous, but it is unlikely he or she will pass into the conditions known as anxiety disorder.

The Role of Fighting or Pulling Away From Physical Feelings

Because adrenaline brought about by nervousness causes people to have uncomfortable or disconcerting feelings, some will try hard to fight or run away from these feelings. Fighting or running away causes more adrenaline to run through anyone's bloodstream and so, this will make the person become even more nervous and experience more disconcerting feelings. These more disconcerting feelings of course, will make the person more nervous... See a pattern here?

Pumping more adrenaline through the veins by fearing either the bewilderment brought on by nervousness, or the physical feelings brought on by nervousness, plays a major part in the development of panic attacks and ultimately, anxiety disorder.

So, anxiety disorder can in a way be thought off as a condition that develops when one fears fear, or when the manifestations of nervousness make one more nervous. Realizing nervousness does bring with it weird feelings and accepting these feelings goes a long way toward preventing anxiety disorder.

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Anxiety is an uncomfortable state of inner havoc; it is often accompanied by nervous behavior. These tips on dealing with anxiety will be helpful for you to manage your fears:

You need to get rid of all anxiety inducing foods and/or drinks from your diet. You may be facing having to deal with your anxiety because your diet plan is simply not balanced. Black coffee and fried foods can cause severe anxiety problems; So you may need to switch over to decaffeinated and herbal teas for some weeks, and in the meantime get rid of all fried foods for good. If dieting to lower anxiety levels is a problem for you check out The complete nutrition plan for stress and anxiety, a great book for people who need guidance when it comes to diet.

Dealing with anxiety without medication is very important, you may need to do relaxing exercises such as yoga, deep breathing, tai chi, - these will help relax your mind and body. For instance, deep breathing is helpful in relaxing a main nerve that goes from the diaphragm to the brain, it will relax your body a great deal.

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You also may need to sleep for consecutive hours to regain a sense of peace and rid yourself of heightened stress levels. It is also helpful in exchanging your thoughts or troublesome feelings with other friends and family. Sharing your problems will relax your mind, and you will feel a sense of release afterwards.

Sometimes feelings of anxiety arise in you because you are simply thinking in a negative manner. Practicing optimism and building confidence over your anxiety will in time get you on the path to stopping your anxiety naturally.

You do not need to overwhelm yourself, try and manage your tasks with proper planning. If you have too much work in the office for example, take some work along with you and get it done after you've spent some time on yourself as you work through your anxiety. Working on yourself can mean anything from mentally challenging yourself to think through your real mental mind, and not through your emotional instincts. Also physically giving yourself time each and everyday to bring peace of mind to your physical body through calming and relaxing methods.

get back to the basics and do them well when it comes to dealing with your anxiety, and soon you'll look back at the agitated anxious person you once were and think why you spent so much time in a state of constant worry and anxiety.

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My driving anxiety attack was one of the most terrifying experiences I've ever had. Of course, I didn't know it was an anxiety attack. It wasn't until later that it was diagnosed. I had never suffered an anxiety attack before, let alone one while driving. Those of you who have had this experience will understand just how I felt. Here's my story and how I overcame my fear of another driving anxiety attack...

My Anxiety Attack Happened While Driving Into the City

There I was driving into the big city with my wife -- we were going to the cinema to see Slumdog Millionaire -- when I suddenly felt 'queer'. I couldn't put my finger on it but I didn't feel right. I must have given a start, because my wife asked me what was up. I remember all I could say was "I don't feel right, I need to stop".

I Thought I Was Having A Heart Attack!

I felt as though I was 'out of my body' for an instant, woozy, faint. Luckily we managed to park very quickly. My heart was now racing, I was shaking, my breathing was erratic, I felt breathless, woozy, fingers tingling, and I felt a tightness in my chest. No matter how hard I tried to regulate my breathing my symptoms seemed to get worse. I really did think I was having a heart attack, no kidding!

The Ambulance Folks Thought It Was An Anxiety Attack

An ambulance was called and came pretty quickly. I was questioned and tested for all manner of things and heart attack was ruled out. They concluded that I had had an anxiety attack. They gave me a minor tranquilizer to calm me down. After about 10 minutes I was just fine.

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My Doctor Confirmed Anxiety And Prescribed Antidepressants and Anti-Anxiety Pills.

I then visited my doctor with the reports I had been given. He diagnosed an anxiety attack while driving, and after asking a ton of questions, said that I was suffering from general anxiety. He prescribed a course of antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills (tranquilizers) to put under my tongue if I felt the symptoms of another attack.

But Their Horrible Side Effects Shocked My Wife

At home, my wife read the internal medication notes and told me flat that there was no way I was taking them. Their side effects were scary in themselves. I also didn't want to go about in a daze and maybe become dependent. So I had to figure out a better way to deal with things.

I Found The Answer On The Internet

Of course, being me, I trawled the Internet and read everything I could. And I signed-up for several free e-mail courses that gave me good, solid information and tips that I used to good effect.

But the most important thing I learned from one of them was to banish the 'fear' of another driving anxiety attack. What I discovered was that the very fear of another attack can in itself cause another attack.

Think about that for a moment: You're driving in your car absolutely petrified of another attack and that fear actually causes the attack. Or, even worse, you're so scared of another attack that you don't even drive anymore. So you can see why I rate this as the most important thing I learned and took action on.

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