Speaking briefly on this, because although the subject of soul mates is not central to the services I provide, it occasionally arises within my work with individuals who are expanding their businesses. Women seem more susceptible to it than men, so since I work primarily with men, I’m thankfully shielded from it for the most part. This perspective is not what marketers will feed you about soul mates. It’s straight to the point for ever-seeking individuals who believe themselves to be incomplete without a partner, and wallow in perpetual misery in the search:

Soul mates. Yes, that term and the narrow concept of its definition enjoy periodic resurgence among lonely individuals all over the world. A soul mate. Someone who completes you. Or someone who facilitates your ability to complete yourself. Or someone who was created at the same time as you were, from a spiritual standpoint. Or, or, or. There are multiple definitions, each one entailing specific parameters for who this person is supposed to be, what purpose they’re supposed to serve, and what the relationship between the two of you is supposed to look like. Yikes.

Force-fitting your life experiences into new cage terminology inhibits rather than promotes your personal, spiritual growth and enjoyment of life. If you’re constantly looking for that special someone instead of being that special someone, you’ll never be satisfied. Why seek someone who fits a mold? That’s as outdated as it gets – there’s nothing conscious, evolved, high-vibrational, or awakened about it. Whatever the current new cage pop culture buzz word for process addiction is, let it go. Learn to be in the moment. Pay attention to your own internal sensations. Pay attention to your own external perceptions. Learn active listening skills. Learn clear self-expression.

Most importantly, find your soul. Then you will be complete. Period. You’ll be able to move forward with joyous gratitude even when the ever-elusive fabled soul-mate, whom you decided must come into your life to fit into that mold and be your missing puzzle piece, doesn’t appear out of thin air. And even when one after the other whom you believe fits the mold turns out not to be The One. Because people are human. Nobody is required to do that for you – or to you. Stay in your power. You are The One you’ve been waiting for.

There are no shortcuts. Anyone whom I’ve come across in my near 6 decades of this life who advocates having some magic system to quickly find your soul mate says so in alignment with some type of marketing-oriented program designed to earn a quick paycheck, as this is an area of vulnerability for the masses of followers in the world who continuously seek outward for what is found within. Bottom line – you have to do your own work. There is no way around it.

Those engaged in the process of doing that internal work as well as taking inspired action in alignment with who they truly are – not making attempts to force-fit themselves into classifications that fit new cage relationship terminology – are the ones who experience the real satisfaction created from being comfortable in one’s own skin. There’s no need to become a process addict, or to become anything that you’re truly not. That endeavor will merely land you in a pit of frustration, imbalance, and possible depression – for no good reason at all.

Bottom line: Do YOU, and love it. You attract what you are. Sit in comfort with yourself, take inspired action with self-confidence, and when it’s the right time for partnership to develop in your life, it will.

Miracles and blessings,

Dr. Renee

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T. Renee Richardson, D.D., is "The AmBadassador of Light!" and author of the upcoming, “Fiddy Grades of Yay,” a metaphysical erotica collection, among other publications. She is a well-respected, joyously potent healer and clairvoyant with over 35 years of experience helping thousands of clients worldwide to effectively achieve their cutting-edge, passionately-fueled goals. She offers appointments via phone for your convenience, and loves providing an accessible network of support to those experiencing life transitions, including career change, business expansion, and retirement, helping individuals build joyous, loving lives of new vibrancy. Contact her at with, “I’m Interested” in the subject heading, and visit