Most of us, as humans, aspire to achieve what is often referred to as the abundant life. An abundant life embraces abundance in its every form, not just in the acquiring of material possessions or financial gain. True abundance crosses many borders—when one has true abundance, one has peace, a sense of vision and focus, health, and as one minister I listened to said one time, even the tires on your car last longer.

What we give away is our measuring cup for how much abundance we welcome into our own lives. Like the adage to have a friend, you must first be a friend, it is also true that to fully receive and nurture abundance, one must be a giver more so than a receiver.

To walk in peace, you must make peace—first with yourself—then with those in your inner circle and in each area of your life. Realize that beating yourself up about yesterday doesn’t do any good. Yesterday is water under the bridge and you must make peace with yourself, your past, your shortcomings and then when you do, celebrate your gifts, talents and abilities. Make peace with others by realizing that they, too, are imperfect and what has already occurred can never be changed. Let yourself off the hook and in so doing, let the other person off the hook, too.

You can never have abundance when you’re worried and in turmoil. Peace begets love and compassion and with it, brings a host of blessings you would not otherwise receive.

Determine to have a giving heart. Give to others unselfishly and always be willing to ask, in your every day routine: What can I do for you? Think about how you can make someone else’s life easier and better. Can you lighten a load for someone? If so, set about doing it! By deciding to give, you are making a conscious decision to reach out to others, to think more of someone else and less of self.

Be a good steward over what is entrusted to you. If you make a commitment, honor it. If you borrow something, return it. If you are entrusted with the care of someone else’s material possession, pet or home, take care of it as if it were your own. You cannot expect to be entrusted with more if you will not first take care of what is someone else’s. Respect others—and what they entrust into your care.

When it comes to pinching pennies, don’t do it in the area of your giving. It has long been noted that you can give your way out of a financial crisis by doing just that. The laws of abundance are also laws of reciprocity. What goes out must come in. Think of life like this: Inside of a clenched fist, you can receive nothing, but with an open hand you can receive everything.

Put fear to rest. Fear blocks the flow of abundance and good. Why would you fear what has already been supplied?
Determine to live in joy and gratitude so that abundance can find its way into your heart. Instead of focusing on your problems, difficulties and circumstances, turn the table on adversity. Rejoice in the things and the blessings you do have! Remember: is the hourglass half full or half empty?

Keep your word and if you can’t keep it, explain why and then set about offering an alternative.

Find someone who needs help and then don’t hesitate to act. Your life will draw abundance to you when you help someone else and realize that your life is not about you.

Create good and kindness. Both are acts of conscious will. It is just as easy to be kind to a stranger in a retail store as it is to be negative and critical.

Do a clean sweep of housekeeping and clear out the negativity and the critical spirit. Determine that for the next thirty days you will only speak positive things about yourself—and those around you!

Act like the person you want to be. What does that mean? Take ownership of your life and your dreams. Make a list of your goals and find ways to turn them into reality.

The abundant life does not come easily but when it does, you will find there is really no other pathway you would rather walk.
For he who walks in love and forgiveness will truly discover that he never really walks alone. And the abundant life will find the one who seeks a greater good, a nobler cause and creates within himself a servant’s heart.

Author's Bio: 

Larnette Phillips has been a full-time author and novelist since 1991 and has widely published in fiction and nonfiction. She is now owner and President of her own publishing and motivational speaking company.