Thank God for Fear.
Without it I might have explored my spirituality at an early age, I might have asked questions like who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? and What is my purpose? And of course, if I had, the devil would have taken my soul. Thank God for Fear.

Thank Parents for Fear.
Without the knowledge that the Bogeyman was out there I might have been tempted to shine a light into the darkness. And if it wasn’t for those strangers my parents warned me about who lurked around every street corner with bags of sweets to lure small children with, I might have been tempted to explore the world that exists around the corner. Thank Parents for Fear.

Thank Teachers for Fear.
Without it I might have learned to challenge authority, those people who were bigger than me, louder than me and thought they knew better than me. I might have wasted my time looking for other answers to life’s problems and challenges rather than trust that my elders knew better. Thank Teachers for Fear.

Thank Community for Fear.
Without it I would never have learned to strive to keep up with the Jones’s and live my life according to the expectations of others. I would never have learned to accept my lot in life, become Mr Average and tolerate the mundane. Thank Community for Fear.

Thank The Media for Fear.
Without that constant stream of negative news about the war on terrorism and global warming, I might have been tempted to believe that there are positive things happening in the world today. I might notice the good in people on the street and from different cultures and countries and may even jump on a plane and go meet them. I might even have some hope in the future for humanity and the planet. I might even wake up each morning with the belief that I and those like me could influence positive change in the world. And that would never do, would it? Thank The Media for Fear.

Thank God for Fear!

Just a thought!

Author's Bio: 

Ian Banyard is the founder of The Confidence Clinic, he has been a confidence coach and international business trainer for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience with some very public successes through his local radio and national TV appearances – Ian’s coaching has been featured on ITV’s This Morning Show and the highly acclaimed GMTV series ‘The House of Fear’, BBC’s ‘Bank of Mum & Dad’ and recently appeared on a new Channel Five documentary “Help, I have a High Maintenance Wife” screened January 2008. Ian trained with celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna and NLP creator Dr Richard Bandler and successfully helps hundreds of people each year overcome phobias, build self confidence and become more effective in their personal and professional lives.