It is becoming clear that the way a country or society is, the kind of “psyche” it has, depends on the way people relate to each other one-to-one, at the day-to-day level of life.

At this one-to-one level there are very simple “Rules” of behaving.

It is these Rules that determine how things happen at the large scale of society, no matter how much people try to impose outcomes from “above” – this can only distort the outcome.

This creation of the large scale by the small scale is one of the fundamental understandings of the new field of study called Emergence Theory.

This may seem simplistic, but there is increasing evidence that much of what happens in life comes about in this Emergence way.
(Biology, Mind, Ecologies, the Universe, the Internet, etc).

The rules that a majority of our current society seem to have unconsciously agreed to act on are:

1. Get as much as you can for yourself from those you have anything to do with in your day-to-day world.

2. Make sure you don’t take so much from those you deal with and relate to, that they won’t have anything to do with you anymore.

It is suggested, that if we would like a more enriching and supportive world, we can create this by putting in place and acting on, a new set of simple Emergence rules:

1. Every time you have any dealings with someone, make sure that you create an outcome that is of the highest good for both of you.

2. Make sure that the interaction they have with you is so good, they will be keen to deal with you again.

This means, speak the intention to the other and work out the best outcome for both of you together – it’s counter-productive if you just think you know the best outcome for them!

It is suggested that it would be very beneficial if we related to all living things, and the ecosystem, with the same approach of the highest good for all.

If this makes sense to you, it is hoped that you will make these new rules your daily conscious practice and that you will make copies and pass it on.

In this way, we can all help create, directly, a world that is good for all of us.

Please copy this article and give it to your friends –
the more people who act in this way, the better the
world will be for all of us

Related issues at: offers, if you choose, an evaluation of the particular unconscious survival dynamics that you have set up in your life.

It does this through a short series of all-encompassing questions that allows an algorithm (The Universal Generator) to access your particular dynamic in a four-dimensional belief/behaviour “landscape.

It offers simple, but profound, ways for you to move your life back into conscious choice.

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Biographical details: Clive Taylor

Years of study and personal research into the underlying nature of existing consciousness traditions and modern consciousness research, have gone into the development of the understandings and unique processes that underlie what offers those in need of help.

Part of this experience and research is my ongoing hands-on work in relationship therapy, working with relationships of all kinds, families and post natal depression groups.

Useful too, are the revelations of Emergence theory, (the way energy organises itself), meme theory and other radical new understandings of how the universe manifests and the way the psyche and society operate.

This has all been done with the intention of complete honesty with self at the deepest levels of being, so that all action can come from what is actual, in the continuing moment.

I have written and/or illustrated over 80 early reader children’s books.