Mind mapping (or mindmapping) is a system of recall and idea creation that has proven very effective and has been adopted by many in the accelerated learning and business communities due to its ease and effectiveness.

It works with kids and adults of all levels and with materials from all subjects.

Mind Mapping so the story goes was created by Tony Buzan while he was studying genius’s notebooks. Edison, Einstein, Isaac Newton to mention a few creative geniuses. He noticed that their notebooks were organized in a different way, appearing to be messy but with a different sense of order…many lines connecting ideas…abbreviations and generally messy as they were done quickly. No one ever said creativity has a formula to it.

>From this, he (Tony Buzan) realized that this was reflective of how the brain’s thought flow process works. Its quick, random, not necessarily in any order, many thoughts connect to other ideas, regardless of a logical relation. Mindmapping doesn’t require a logical relation. Neither is creative thought.

That’s why Mind Mapping (mindmapping) works! Because it reflects the natural flow of thoughts and allows one to quickly grasp concepts and write them down without being bogged down by rules of grammar, spelling and structure which prevent the thoughts in the brain of moving at light speed. That’s where “Writers” s block often occurs”.

How does one mind map? Various methods and books show different techniques. The method taught in the Reading Genius® method, used for recall after reading, has the following steps:

Steps to Mind Mapping: For Recall and/or Creativity

Write the 1st word that represents a thought/ idea that comes to mind.

Abbreviate wherever possible. The brain works fast, don’t slow it down unnecessarily because of spelling

Do it fast. Same reasoning

Don’t care about looks. As if you do, step 1, 2 and 3 are more difficult and slower. The ego cares about looks. The brain doesn’t.

In the Reading Genius® course, it is put to fast paced music that helps one get in the flow. As well, Mindmapping demonstrations provided on video by Ed Strachar, author of Reading Genius® demonstrate how to do Mind Mapping well.

Other authors on MindMapping include Tony Buzan himself, and many of Tony Buzan’s students, Notably MIND MAPPING—by Michael Gelb—Liberate your Natural Genius...and users of mindmapping have also published many works.

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