'Love makes the world go round. .'and 'All you need is love. .' are lovely phrases and such beautiful words to hear. Most of us are very familiar with these phases that we have heard before many times over.

But what if our own relationships at present are not so 'perfect'? Is there any way we can still apply these things to our own daily lives, in any way? What if right now we do not have the genuine and powerful love that we know is possible and that we are seeking? What if we are in a current relationship, but it is not fullfilling and does not give us the sense of loving communication and real connection that we know,deep inside, is possible?
Well, you must realize that there are things that you certainly can do for yourself, starting today. 'Life is change' so even if your present relationship seems 'stuck' and 'impossible' it is still quite important for you to reach out, find good resources,and then explore your options. Especially these days when there is simply a vast world of choices for change and improvement out there in this whole area of love and relationships that are available for you to choose from.

Here are some simple sugggestions you may like to consider trying to start with:

1. Books:
Go to the 'metaphysical' of 'self-help' areas in your local bookstore and see what 'resonates' for you. A good place to start for you may be the excellent book: "The Mastery of Love" by Miguel Ruiz. (This author is excellent on the subject of relationships, and his other well-known title; "The Four Agreements" was on the best-seller lists for quite awhile). In it he explores, in a simple and direct manner, the underlying reasons we get involved in a relationship to begin with. He then proceeds to say how we can use our own inner integrity and honesty to improve things immediately to create a 'shift and change' for the better. This book is very powerful and will speak directly to most on this most important issue regarding improving our communication skills with others and our relationships in general.

2. Self-help Groups:
Often if we find ourselves in a somewhat 'limiting' relationship what we may need the most is to reach out and connect with others. It is truly a very powerful thing in such a circumstance, to be seen and heard. There are many avenues you can explore to find out about how to contact such groups. These days many are 'on-going' and set up on a 'drop-in' basis, as well. Good ways to find out are bulletin boards, local alternative newspapers, fliers posted at bookstores,etc. Usually such groups are quite 'low-key' and you can choose, as you are ready, about how much you want to reveal about your own situation,etc. It is very healing for most to meet with others in this way. It can give you a sense of community and also that you are not in your situation 'alone'. Also, it is very healing to hear others and yourself 'speak their truth' and share on a regular basis in a group setting such as this.

3. Stress Reduction:
There are many things you can begin to help with this issue. If health is an issue, you can perhaps start an exercise program to lose weight and also adjust your diet to become healthier and happier over time. Along with the health issue another thing you may want to address is a feeling of inner harmony and peace. Meditation can help with this and is still another way to reduce stress that you can begin to explore. These days there are many groups aimed at those just starting out to learn meditation. Also you can also find many good books and articles on the subject out there(and there are even some good videos for beginners that are available on meditation,as well). Meditation is a wonderful and really direct way for you to be able to reduce stress in all areas starting now. It can enable you to develop your awareness and to be able to move forward and help you improve all areas of your life for the better.

So, in this article we it our hope that we have perhaps been able to offer some good possibilities for growth and change for you and your life at this time(and for all of your relationships as well).

Wishing you all success as you continue your spiritual journey to create and enjoy genuine loving relationships and your true happiness of heart, mind and spirit.

Author's Bio: 

Cheryl Smith (www.SpiritTarot.com) offers *heart-to-heart* phone sessions(Call: 1-800-676-1228 toll-free) and is a Relationship Specialist. A Spiritual Counselor of many years, and a clairvoyant, she is a certified intuitive (from: the "American Association of Professional Psychics").