Your Recipe to Success - My Experiment

Be known as a hard worker.

Give it your very best.

Ask and understand what’s expected.

Create additional value.

If you do all of these things, you will be successful. Isn’t this the American mantra? Work hard; do your best; know what to do and be valuable.

What gets in the way of our dreams? We do. It’s the end of the year. You are preparing your very short list of targeted goals for next year by examining what you’ve accomplished this year. It looks good. You feel confident that you can do better next year.

Do you by any chance have that one lingering goal that is staring you in your face because you really wanted to get it done THIS YEAR? You know the one. It has been on your plate for weeks now; maybe months. You just can't get to it. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the greatest, you figure its ranked right up there for causing you stress. Should it get done, so much more could be accomplished.

Time or the lack of it can be your friend or your enemy – you make that distinction. Put on your plate what you can handle is a great premise; do we inadvertently allow others to heap on servings that we do not want? Do these servings get in the way of getting our stuff done, whatever "it" is?

Sometimes, just letting one person know that you want to get it done and asking that person to hold you accountable can assist you to achieve that very goal. If you expressed to one person, that one very large goal that has been staring you down for the year, that may propel you to achieving it.

Tell me your one goal that you want done by December 31. Focus on that task, make it crystal clear. Close your eyes; how will you feel when that’s done? Set up weekly and daily objectives to get to the heart of it. Write it down, that one goal. Write it down and send it to me right now - at this moment. Write it down.

Right now, I’ll cheer you on; one month from now, I’ll celebrate with you by sending you a note inquiring how you did.

The experiment: If you permit me to, I’ll post your goal (first name only) on my blog. It would be great to see if you have the courage to participate to get that one goal done. It would be wonderful for you to give yourself permission to hold yourself accountable.

As an incentive, I’ll send a white paper on setting personal direction and living your life with greater intention, that may make the future your best. This is the time to review your habits and remove the clutter that gets in the way from tending to your purpose and your personal development.

Sometimes it just takes a little nudge. Work hard. Do your best. Know what you expect. Let someone help with accountability. Take charge of your life. Write back with your one goal that you want to be accountable to for yourself. Then, get to it. Send now to

Author's Bio: 

Kayte Connelly has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit management. A schooled social worker and public administrator, Ms. Connelly became integrally involved in the community development through the pursuit of a public radio station license for songwriters in the Lehigh Valley in the late 70's. Having worked in business, education, with special populations, government and heavily in the arts, Ms. Connelly has honed skills and has acted as a successful change agent, designing systems that assist organizations in dreaming big and accomplishing those dreams. Using a holistic approach, Ms. Connelly enlists your vision to integrate yourself into your respective global community and invites you to stretch that vision.

Connelly is a certified change practitioner who has a vast amount of practical hands-on experience in a broad spectrum of creative energies for coaching leaders in the communities.

She has supported nonprofits, board members, and their staff in both coaching and management capacities. Putting people first, the legacy of leadership development has been the cornerstone of her service.

Organizational highlights include producing a major awards ceremony shot for a BET J magazine program; expanding a major jazz festival from 3 ½ to 10 days (18 to 138 events); serving as a re-granting partner for a 5 ½ county wide region (over 1 million population); growing an organization from $29,000 in the hole to $1.6 million in 7 years; serving as an advocate (testifying at legislative hearings) for more than 300 arts organizations social enterprise initiatives such as creation of two different art galleries (one a co-op); collapsing a parochial chamber of commerce and merging it with a larger economic region; designing a comprehensive board management training program; producing a monthly TV show and more.

Obviously, she is no stranger to change and is a motivator for your future, continuously staying abreast of trends and best practices. You will be engaged in processes that will add meaningful insight to your journey.