Whether it’s a holiday, anniversary, birthday or a time in your life where the rug of life itself seems to have been ripped out from beneath your feet, and you feel the kind of depression where you pray to not wake up, take heart. I have been there, and have learned how to come out of it to the other side of beaming joy, and want to pass this information on to you.

You have a view, a perspective that is in your mind about your situation. So the “cure” and key to feel happiness again also exists within your mind.
No matter what has happened, it is your thoughts about it that are contributing to your sadness. Needless to say, your situation is “on your mind” a lot. If instead of asking “why” the situation happened, ask what you can actually do in your life, from this moment forward to bring life renewal both to yourself, and anyone else you may know, either near or far away, that has also gone through the same thing.

You probably know that the cure for a snake bite is actually contained within the snake venom itself. So too is the renewal of your mind, and your forthcoming happiness contained within the seed of the tragedy, or situation from which you are about to lift yourself up from – with purpose.

When I went through severe injustice, and cried in the depths of despair for over two years, the only thing that made me come back to life was to do something about the injustice both for myself, and for the countless other people that had gone through the same experience.

I have known parents that have lost their precious children. The only thing that brought them back to life was to do something about it, whether it was to find a cure, create new laws, join an existing cause, write a book, and share their experiences coming from a place of really wanting to make a difference in this area, that they found their sense of life come back to them.

Really ask yourself if there is something that you can actually DO that will help to create positive change in the area of your life that has been shifted. Picture in your mind HOW you can truly make a difference for yourself, even if you are shaking inside, you CAN take one tiny step at a time to bring faith, hope, and resolution both for yourself, and possibly for so many others that are also in your shoes.

Once you begin to see that you DO have a purpose in this area, your mind will begin to focus on THAT, and the emotional misery will begin to slowly dissipate. I promise you that pain DOES END over time.

Many people that go through emotional agony where they view death as an awaiting joy MUST LEARN that the pain really does end! It does NOT last forever. We ADJUST to the new situation. Adjustment comes over time. Faster adjustment comes from being fueled with a positive sense of purpose that will re-ignite hope, and replace despair.

Don’t try to “get over it,” go into it! Honor your pain. Honor the reason why you have the pain to begin with! Do not argue with your new reality, however catastrophic is feels at this time. Say yes to what is happening now, and see where you can move yourself into a Higher place from this moment forward.

We all go through deep pain. That is how we learn deep compassion. Have more loving compassion for yourself, rather than pity. Understand that if this situation is in your life, then it is here for a higher reason. Your job is to find that higher reason, and fly with it. It will bring you a new feeling of life, because with “death” there is still no escape for our feelings. Love endures forever.

You came into this life to face what is most painful, and find the inner courage to actually create positive and lasting change both for yourself, and for others as a result of your experiences.

My own personal catastrophic pain lasted from 1996 to 1998. If only someone would have taught me that within the seed of my deepest life tragedy, was the actual seed for life renewal, and to take that situation and create positive change because of that situation, I would venture to say that my pain would not have lasted that long.

This is why I am sharing this with you. There is hope, and it exists within the new decisions you can now make within your mind. Find a new direction, and move into the area where the core of the pain exists. There is your core seed and indicator as to what you can actually do that will uplift you, as well as others.

As long as you are alive, you have a purpose. Part of your life purpose sometimes includes going through the “dark night of the soul” to bring you to the other side of it, so that you can also help others that are going through the same thing, after you have gotten yourself to the other side of your grief, and into a place of authentic empowerment that shows how via this situation, you can make a difference, and feel a difference after all.

If I could, so can you, and so can anyone. There is a new life awaiting you, now just ask yourself what that new life can be, and you will discover the answer.

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