What is Personal Power?
Many people shy away from the power word. In their minds, they conjure up the image of a bully or a business takeover, a victim and a victor. Power over others is not true personal power. Instead, it can cover-up not really feeling powerful at all.

Personal power doesn’t impose its will on others. Rather it’s about standing up to you and knowing your own worth and recognizing your gifts. When you have personal power, you don’t have to brag or swagger. You feel good about yourself despite the human flaws and foolish mistakes that you’ve made along the way. And more often than not, you can laugh at those mistakes and at yourself.

Here are three valuable steps to achieve personal power.

Know what you’re good at and develop a sense of personal pride and self-dignity. Valuing you and the wondrous miracle that you are, with all your emotions, a vast intellect, a body and mind that can self-regulate and heal is essential. Recognize the limitless potential inside you and the ability that you have for growth, expansion and transformation.

Recently, I was a guest on a radio program and spoke about the many ways that we can practice self-appreciation. Treat yourself with the same respect you generate to others. So often, we demand the impossible of ourselves and build up an idea of perfection that’s impossible to reach. When we don’t meet our high expectations, we feel that we've failed but realize that’s not failure at all. Would we do the same for a friend or a young child? Not really. Instead, we would encourage and cheer them on.

Honor you by taking personal time and caring for you on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Find activities and people that give you a sense of pleasure and add meaning and value to your life. Surround yourself with people and situations that support and nurture you and be sure to do the same for them.

Let go of the victim role and rid the world of victim consciousness by looking within. Realize that you’re not a mere spectator. You play a major role in the world and in global outcomes with your thoughts and actions. The confidence that you have is tied to a sense of purpose. When you know who you are and why you’re here, accomplishing your goals is easier and life is more worthwhile. Keep the promises that you’ve made to you, and don’t waver in your self-commitment despite the fears and doubts that creep in. Envision your future and hold tight to that empowered image with intention and clarity no matter what.

Self-appreciation doesn’t give you license to neglect others or be selfish. Living responsibly is about making a contribution, large or small. When we are empowered, we can be generous with our power and share it with others in service, kindness and compassion.

This seems like a paradox when speaking of personal power. Yet, when we know that the source of our power is inside and in something more than just us, we can tap into that Creative Potential that is both universal and personal. In surrendering, you develop a sense of inner peace to help you stay on course. When internal and external conflicts pop up and they will, you can release them and turn them over to your Higher Power. When you do, it’s not reneging on your responsibility, rather it’s acknowledging that you need support. There’s something wonderfully freeing in that realization and in letting go. With it, are the ongoing trust and belief that it will be taken care of.

Accept life’s surprises, embrace change and adversity by practicing flexibility. Trust that you are guided to whatever you need. Take action, yet release your urge to always control. When you are open to receive, you are ready to invite in the miracles and they will come.

Author's Bio: 

Known to audiences around the globe as the "Success Doc", author, speaker, business and life coach, Jo Anne White, PhD has been featured on many radio and television networks such as NBC and CN8. Her expert relationship, success and empowerment advice has been quoted in magazines and newspapers such as Match.com and WebMD. Doc White is the author of several books including Sense Your Way to Life Satisfaction and How to Love: Secrets to Lasting Relationships. She is a featured author in the soon-to-be released Emotional Wellness for Women, Volume II & III and the Baby Boomers Handbook for Women.