Most people know that there are different brain wave states that the brain can be in at different times. The beta state is what we are normally in when we are completely awake and focused, while the alpha state is reached through daydreaming and meditation, theta is the dream state and delta is reached in very deep sleep.

It is possible to alter your brain waves and enter the alpha state whenever you want, which is what people do when they meditate. Consciously synchronizing the brain wave patterns of both hemispheres of the brain can provide you with all sorts of benefits, such as:

*A feeling of relaxation
*Diminished stress
*Increased feeling of well-being
*Increased confidence
*Feeling better about yourself
*Diminished headaches and migraines
*Heightened immune system
*Lower blood pressure
*Less insomnia and better sleeping patterns
*Improved intuition and creative visualization skills

Of course you will not see all these benefits after the first time you try meditation, but sticking with a routine of regular meditation (or consciously getting your body into the alpha brain wave state) will bring about these changes for you.

The trouble with the way most people are taught to meditate is that it is just too hard for most of us to "think of nothing." Our minds wander quickly and it is difficult to bring ourselves back to the calm place of peace and quiet we are told we're supposed to be in to meditate.

Then we feel like we're wasting our time because we're not accomplishing anything, which keeps us even farther away from that quiet place we were hoping for!

Instead of trying to clear your mind, it can help to focus on an object or the wall and slowly count backward from 100. Over time you can count back from 50, then 10, then five, and by the time you have counted you will find yourself shifting into alpha brain state, at which point you will feel your body relax, at least in the beginning.

If you have time, try to get in this state two or three times a day. This dynamic meditation is also very energizing and controllable than the kind of passive meditation we are used to hearing about, in which you can't really control the experience or know what the benefits are going to.

Just as with passive meditation, however, learning to meditate in a way that alters your brain waves can take some practice. Be gentle with yourself as you work with this technique, and soon you will see the benefits of meditation coming to fruition in your life.

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