One of the best ways to gain weight and keep it is to think that you’re overweight. Unless you love the thought of being overweight, simply thinking that you’re too fat, or too heavy, is enough to activate your stress response. And stress, as you probably already know, is what really creates excess body fat. The good news is that you can quickly eliminate stress with Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT.

You see, the stress response is activated when we feel overwhelmed, or that we don’t have the mental, emotional, physical, or financial resources to deal with a situation that may be facing us. Even if we’re just imagining the situation, we will still experience the feelings and effects of the stress response; that’s why people watch scary movies – to experience bursts of stress hormones produced by their imaginations. Unfortunately, one of the effects of those stress hormones is to stop digestion and store fat – just in case…

Fat is a protective mechanism – a natural part of our body’s defense system. Fat is created to protect us from starvation, cold temperatures, falls and impacts, enemies, and unwanted attention or physical contact. Any time we believe we are threatened, our body has a reason to go into the stress response and produce fat. But the key here is the word, “Believe.” Most of the time we are experiencing stress, our lives aren’t really in jeopardy – we are simply overloaded and having difficulty finding the resources we need. Enter Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques.

EFT is one of the most profound stress-management and belief-change technologies available today. EFT can help you lose weight in many ways. First, by filtering your perceptions through a new set of beliefs, or world-views, the things that used to stress you out can be “neutralized” so you can deal with them more effectively – from a state of mind where you have more resources available to you. Many of the beliefs keeping unwanted inches and pounds hanging around are beliefs that you are, in fact, overweight. You can quickly eliminate such beliefs with EFT and install a new belief that tells you that you are quickly achieving your desired weight in the healthiest way possible.

Another way EFT can help you shed pounds and inches is to help you eliminate fears and phobias – reasons for stress. EFT is very effective at eliminating unnatural fears – allowing you to experience life from a calmer perspective. When we have fears, and other things that stress us out, our stress response is constantly turning itself on and off – creating more stress and the fluctuations we see in our weight and health. If you can eliminate stress, and the fears and beliefs that cause it, you will quickly eliminate any unwanted weight. With EFT this is almost as easy done as said.

EFT can also be extremely helpful with changing beliefs about food and what it does to you. You don’t have to hold on to everything you eat; EFT will help you relax and release your food experiences more effectively. Along with changing beliefs about food, and the world in general, EFT is also very effective at restoring a more positive self-image; and this is perhaps the most important part of reclaiming your health and fitness – self-love and a positive self-image. Diets simply don’t work; EFT will help you change for life by helping you change the way you look at life.

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