Getting a flat stomach and burning belly fat is a reality for most people.
While achieving this requires a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and overall good health, targeted and effective training can make a big difference in your goals. Here's a complete guide to a 10-minute ab workout designed to help you get a flat stomach and burn belly fat.

Why 10-minute workout?
Short, high-intensity workouts can be incredibly effective at working the abs and burning calories. The most important thing is to do the exercises with the correct form and take some rest between sets, which increases your heart rate, which increases fat burning.

10-Minute Ab Workout.
This workout consists of six exercises that target all parts of your abs, including upper abs, lower abs, and obliques. Do each exercise for 40 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds. Repeat the entire circuit to complete the 10-minute workout. Broken bike
Target: Bent over, upper back, lower back

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and your legs lifted at 90 degrees.
Bring your right elbow towards your left knee while straightening your right leg.
Switch sides and bring your left elbow towards your right knee.
Keep switching sides in Ladder mode.

2. Leg Raise Target : Lower abdomen
Lie on your back with your legs extended and your arms at your sides.
Slowly lift your legs to 90 degrees and continue.
Place your feet back without touching the ground.
Repeat the journey.

3. Plank
Purpose: All the basics
Start in a forward lunge position with your body in a straight line from head to toe.
Determine your starting point, keep your back straight and horizontal.
Hold this position and focus on maintaining correct posture.

4. Russian Goal
Goal: Angled
Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet together.
Step back and lift your feet off the floor, balancing your sitting bones.
Hold your hands together or hold a weight in front of you.
Turn your body to the right and then to the left, touching the ground next to you each time.

5. Mountaineers
Target: Core system, cardiovascular system
Start in an upright position with your hands under your shoulders.
Pull your right knee toward your chest, then quickly switch legs and pull your left knee toward your chest. Continue switching legs as quickly as possible while keeping your fingers crossed.

6. Replacing parts
Purpose: Sub ab
Lie on your back with your arms at your sides and legs elevated at 90 degrees. Use your lower back to lift your hips off the floor and swing your knees toward your chest.
Slowly lower your hips to the starting position and repeat.

Tips to Improve Your Workout
Maintain Proper Form: Maintaining proper form prevents injuries and reduces the intensity of each exercise. Make sure you engage your core muscles and avoid using force.
Breathing: Breathing during exercise (e.g. squatting) and breathing during relaxation (e.g. leaning back).

Flexibility: Add exercise to your routine 3-4 times a week for best results.
Combination Cardio: Combine this exercise with regular cardiovascular exercise to burn more body fat, allowing you to show off your plump belly.
Healthy Diet: A diet rich in processed foods, lean proteins, vegetables and healthy fats is important to reduce belly fat.

A flat stomach and less belly fat are goals that can be achieved with dedication and a healthy lifestyle. This 10-minute ab workout is a great addition to your fitness routine that focuses on core strength and fat burning. If you combine this with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you'll be well on your way to having the healthy belly you want. Remember that consistency and the right approach are the key to achieving results, so keep up the good work and stay motivated!

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