People are often so discouraged about the results of theirmediitative efforts.

They feel that they are not only not relaxed, but anxiousbecause they couldn't focus at all. Well, to quote one of myfavorite teachers, George Curnoles, "Your mind is like afrisky monkey. Don't beat your monkey."

No, that's not an R-rated statement, but a realistic way tolook at how your mind works.

Do you find yourself unable to focus on the goal of yourmeditation, whether it is a candle flame, a sound, athought, a concept? Then your mind is just acting normally.Our minds and thought processes are so complex, that we canliterally hold multi-dimensional focuses at the same time.

When you let yourself relax in your meditation, you mindwill often head off in the direction of that latest thought,image, sound, dream or problem you're working on. If you areat an early phase of developing your meditation skills, justlet the mind go. Here's the secret: go ahead and follow thethought rather than wrench yourself back with frustration tothe original goal.

So, how will you be able to control your thoughts and directyour meditations if you do this? Easy. While you let yourmind take those avenues of exploration, just pay attention.Instead of waking up in a few minutes to realize that youare no longer where you wanted to focus, just follow thetrail. Then see if you can follow the trail backwards to thepoint you diverted from your goal. This will develop astrong focused mind and in no time at all, you'll be asuccessful, focused meditator.

Using this approach, the Basic Meditation Technique can bequickly learned since you'll avoid the frustration offighting your wandering mind and simply follow it'swanderings, gently bringing the mind back to your intendedfocus.

Be kind to that little monkey of a mind and it will serveyou well.

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