Why is it so important to enter into an inpatient drug rehab rather than an outpatient? For one, the alcoholic or drug addict will be committed to staying for the duration of the rehab program and not be able to use drugs or alcohol. Also there is no outside environmental condition like drug dealers, drug friends, or relationship problems that will enter into the person who is receiving treatment. These issues are generally why outpatient is not effective. Not to mention during detox a person is most likely to relapse because the cravings are so intense.

Now that the addict or alcoholic has been removed from temptations and people who seek for the person to use more drugs there is another benefit for inpatient drug rehab. Often elements of codependency and the inability to handle conflicts in relationships contribute to the drug abuse problem and while these issues need to be addressed at some point, the addict needs to be clean first. In an outpatient treatment center the person will have daily interaction with family members who enable and are codependent. This is vital for any person wanting effective drug treatment that codependency and enabling are eliminated.

While a person is in an inpatient facility they will be monitored and also receiving 24 hour medical services from doctors and nurses. Though the first week of detox is the hardest and is essential that the medical care is constant the mental and the emotional addiction is just as hard to overcome. Addiction counselors need to be counseling and allowing for a person to address the underlying issues of the addiction problem whether it being from depression, lack of confidence, poor life skills, or relationship issues. All these are addressed through effective inpatient treatment.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious problem not only with the individual but as a society. The programs that have the highest success rate are always an inpatient drug rehab center that also provides a medical detox, cognitive counseling and life skills therapy. Once an inpatient program is complete than aftercare treatment is put into action. The aftercare is essential for a person to fully overcome his or her addiction. The first step is always finding an effective inpatient drug rehab.

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Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor