Meditation is an excellent way to relax your mind and body

Yet, if you are not accustomed to meditation you will need to learn a few basics steps and get a basic understanding of what it is all about to help you on your way.

Basically it is about relaxing. Usually it is a good idea to start by relaxing the body. Then you need to relax the mind and let go of all those busy, busy mental thoughts that run through your head almost non-stop for most of the time, day and night, night and day.

Meditation is about finding a way to stop automatically hooking in to your thoughts, to stop allowing your thoughts to dominate you and instead learning to tether them.

Your thoughts are like wild untamed children and so you need to learn how to hold or contain them and to stop them running around out of control and making a nuisance of themselves. Let your thoughts know that you will listen to them when You are ready.

You need to stand back and view your thought processes from a place further removed. You can develop what I like to call “The Witnesser” inside of you. This is a part of you that is detached in a kind of way from being fully involved in what you are doing.

Have you ever had the experience of being angry at someone or about something and at the same time you seem to be watching yourself be angry? There seems to be a part of you that is witnessing what is going on even though you are also caught up in the situation at the same time.

You can get an immediate experience of this witnessing by closing your eyes and by imagining or visualizing yourself standing on top of a mountain. Visualization is a good way to help you focus. Imagine you are watching or witnessing what is going on far below. Visualize your thoughts as busy little ants rushing to and fro whilst you watch from a distance quite bemused by it all.

Or another way to relax and become still inside might be to imagine yourself resting at the very bottom of the ocean where it is all so quiet and motionless. At exactly the same time as resting here you might allow yourself to become aware that the wind is whipping up the (thought) waves on a very choppy sea on the surface. Are you going to let yourself be tossed around by the choppy waves? Or are you going to rest in the motionless quiet of the deep, deep ocean and feel very still and at peace?

So, you can imagine being on top of the mountain, resting at the bottom of the ocean, floating in the universe, being in a beautiful place of nature with blue skies, fresh green grass and a bubbling stream and so on …

Or you can focus on your body…

You focus on your body in two ways. Firstly you can concentrate on your breathing and as you focus on your breath gently going in and going out you will find that this focusing has the effect of stilling your mind.

Secondly you can focus on relaxing the muscles in your body, starting with your toes and gradually moving up, through your calves, thighs, tummy, arms, chest, shoulders, neck and so on up to the top of your head relaxing the muscles as you go

Or you could visualize a light spreading through your body little by little until your whole body is bathed in light. There are many ways to meditate but the main idea is to focus on one thing or feeling and to hold that focus so that you are not distracted by the many busy thoughts that otherwise have a tendency to swirl around and run havoc, almost out of control.

By meditating and stilling the mind and with constant practice you will experience many benefits. You will find yourself benefiting from a clearer focus in your everyday affairs. And more energy is released as resistances and tight constrictions in your body start to dissolve.

You may find your awareness starting to move from your head to your heart which is generally considered to be the window to your soul and which is where inspiration arises, where you can access a deeper wisdom. This wisdom will become a great resource that you can then draw upon and use to guide your life in a much deeper and more satisfying way.

You’ll find that you will probably begin to sleep more easily and feel less stressed. You may be able to concentrate more easily and feel much more energized and more fully engaged with life and all of its beauties.

You only need to take a few moments each day for your meditation practice. Just choose a time when you can be alone and quiet for a few minutes. Just before you go to bed can often be a good time.

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Joy is passionate about sharing the insights of her journey to freedom, with the world.
Her focus on Spiritual Growth, Healing and Fun blends ancient and modern holistic and psychological approaches with a wide experience of life and includes dynamic interactive meditation, creative coaching, visualisation, mindfulness, sacred clowning, energy therapies and inner spiritual adventures.
Her dynamic surrender to the highest within all of us manifests as an exciting and inviting dance with wisdom which beckons you to true, joyful awakening.