There are various methods to alter your consciousness, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, drugs, alcohol and training. Most people have heard of all these things and the term “altered state of consciousness”, but don’t really understand what it means. Consciousness has three states.

The normal state of consciousness is waking consciousness. Most normal people go about their daily existence in this state. You see and talk to people, eat and enjoy your food, do everything you normally do and absorb the outside world through your senses. The best way to define waking consciousness is to identify two things that occur during that time. The first is the perception of the individual has “self” as the center. The second is that this “self” is associated with their body. Waking consciousness is only a small part of the activity of the human essence.

The subconscious takes over actively when people sleep and records the information and the subtleties that our waking consciousness leaves unnoticed. The subconscious records all the information about your experiences in life and past lives. The conscious mind is busy with the day-to-day experiences while the subconscious absorbs every thing around you. It doesn’t have as loud of a voice as the waking conscious but you access it when you turn down the activity of the waking conscious. You accomplish this through relaxation, hypnotism, sleep and other methods. Often the information isn’t available to the conscious mind or at best, a foggy dream.

The super conscious connects to the entire universe. The “self” never experienced most of the information retrieved at this level of consciousness. Many great scientific discoveries come from the access of the information at the super conscious level. George Washington Carver used this area to help him make sandpaper. He had a dream where one of the characters told him the missing step to create the sandpaper. He remembered the step after waking and it worked.

Carver had the ability to remember his messages from a dream super conscious state but most people don’t. One of the key benefits of training the mind to operate on two different levels of consciousness is the ability to retain the knowledge found at each level. Meditation training also allows the person to remain with the waking conscious quietly resting but alert and allows information to flow from either the subconscious or super conscious.

The benefits to staying aware at different levels are many. Some people have the innate ability to do this and society labels them as having ESP. In reality, they accidentally found ways to keep their various conscious levels aware at all times and keep the communication between the levels open. These people aren’t special; they simply are like a traveler that discovered the first nugget of gold from a mine. They stumbled upon the ability. Even with this beneficial accident, most never learn to control and use it at will.

People that take some form of training to reach different levels of consciousness while maintaining the ability for the waking conscious to monitor, find that they can call upon these levels at will. This gives them the ability to go to the super conscious level, retrieve information from outside, omniscient sources and recall it to help solve problems, detect danger and find bliss. When they bring the waking conscious together with the super conscious level, they have the presence to connect to subjects at the cellular level and do mystical things, cure illnesses and do many things that others believe are supernatural. It simply takes training and everyone can learn the ability.

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