Anger is energy, an emotion, and it is part of the experience of life. Anger can become your greatest enemy toward developing good health and well being or it can become your greatest ally toward healing and finding personal peace. It all hinges upon how you relate to your emotions. Before we ...Anger is energy, an emotion, and it is part of the experience of life. Anger can become your greatest enemy toward developing good health and well being or it can become your greatest ally toward healing and finding personal peace. It all hinges upon how you relate to your emotions. Before we explore the nature of anger, it is important to clarify “positive” and “negative” emotions.

Emotions are a Part of our feedback system about how to live our lives They inform us of what we need to do in order to survive. As a society, we have judged our emotions and placed them into basically 2 categories, positive (good) and negative (bad) emotions. We tend to label any feelings that are constricting (ie. fear, guilt, loneliness) as bad and any emotions that are expansive (love, joy, fulfillment) as positive. The challenge is to redefine your relationship to all of your emotions and changing the way you relate to each of them.

New Way to Relate to Your Emotions:

Negative Emotions are any emotion (love or fear) that you Ignore, Deny, Repress. Regardless of their names, all emotions become negative when you refuse to feel them. I have often said anger never hurt anyone, repressed anger has killed millions of people in the course of our history. Because eventually, repressed anger explodes into a rage. The repression of anger is what causes its destructiveness. Likewise, love that goes unexpressed is just as destructive as anger. Emotions are energy and meant to be felt.

Positive Emotions are any emotion that you Feel, Express and Release! When you respect your anger as much as love, you will have matured your emotional intelligence and begin to take dominion over this part of your life.

Anger is the most misunderstood and repressed emotions. When you can understand the nature of anger and are willing to feel it, you can begin to harness a lost power that is key to creating permanent and positive changes in your life. The power of your will, or commonly known as willpower.

Repressing Anger will Depress Action. We have been brain-washed from childhood to judge anger as a negative emotion. It is not! Like all emotions, anger is meant to be felt, expressed and released... appropriately. You’ll also free up incredible amounts of will power that you need to become more disciplined and take action in your life.

Repressed Anger Always has Negative Impact in our Lives. Yet within all anger is a trapped hidden resource of willpower. The energy needed to take action, end procrastination and take charge of our life, can be found once you tap into and release this emotion. It is the greatest benefit that anger offers us.

You can learn to feel and release it, appropriately and begin to change your life for the better. If we deny anger, we also automatically deny a part of our will-power and our ability to create positive changes in our lives. Addictions, worry, self-doubt, confusion, and powerlessness all expand when anger is repressed. When anger is released these negativities will decrease automatically.

How to Create a Healthy Empowered Relationship with Anger.
The first step is to realize that it’s a vital key to your inner strength. It is important to recognize the value of your emotions and to understand that anger isn't a “bad” emotion. It is a messenger in your life telling you that change is needed. If you feel anger in a relationship than something about that relationship needs to change. Perhaps you are not being respected or listened too. Pretending you are not angry only compounds the negativity.

Honesty is the Best Policy to Handle Your Emotions.
When you honestly feel and deal responsibly with it you’ll quickly express and release it from your heart and mind. Then, the energy trapped inside your anger becomes a constructive force offering you untold will-power and renewal of your life force.

4 Steps to Transform Anger into Willpower:

The 1st Step is to Own the Fact That You Have It. Take responsibility for your anger and being willing to feel it. This allows you to connect with it and begin transforming it into a positive energy experience. When we judge our anger as bad and wrong we repress it unconsciously. That’s why it is important to change the definition of your emotions. The realization of this truth will begin to lift anger out of its destructive repressed state.

The 2nd Step, Express Your Anger by Writing in a Journal.
Here is how it works. Take a notebook of blank paper and write at the top of the page, "Me and My Anger". Begin writing the first thing that comes to your mind about anger. Write free association style. Don't worry about sentence structure or spelling. Express how you feel about anger don’t worry about passing a test. Take that feeling from out of your mind and write it down onto paper.

Start to Examine How You Feel Right Now and Write Down those Feelings. An example: "This exercise is stupid. I don't believe I'm doing this! I wish I would have never have read that article. Trying to write down my anger is so frustrating… I feel like I'm back in fourth grade..." Let the thoughts and feelings roll out of you! Don’t judge whatever pops into your mind, simply write it down onto paper. It may feel awkward at first, but soon it will start to flow out of you in a stream of consciousness.

Before you know it, you will start tapping into the anger inside of you and releasing it. You'll be amazed at how much-hidden energy is trapped inside of you. After a period of time, perhaps 10-20 minutes the feelings will shift and lift and eventually the anger will stop. Take a break and go do something you enjoy. Take a hot bath, go for a walk, watch a favorite movie, to help you lift beyond this feeling. When you are ready you can move to the next step; it can be a day or two later, but not much more than that.

The 3rd Step, Forgive Yourself and Others to Help Release Anger. This is a vitally important step. It involves using your imagination to unhook the negativity from your mind. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between something you imagine and something that really happens to you. Remember a time when you sat in a movie theatre and the scary images on the screen caused you to feel fear, panic, and anxiety. Intellectually you knew you were safe. You were surrounded by a hundred other people, but your subconscious mind didn’t distinguish the images on the screen from what is really happening to you physically. Your subconscious mind was reacting to those images and causing your body to respond with fear. This is how the body-mind connection works. It is powerful when you use it for your personal growth.

Guided Imagery Technique: Sit back where you won't be disturbed, and close your eyes. Imagine the person that you're angry with standing before you. This person may have died long ago, it might be a parent or a relative who mistreated you, it might be a part of yourself. Tell them in your mind how angry and upset you are. If you need to act it out, act it out- imaginatively! If you were so angry you could have spit and scream, then in your imagination, spit and scream, play it out, now is your chance to vent the pent up energy from your mind! Don’t hold back.

The Energy in Your Imagination Follows Your Intention. You may be worried if you start venting your anger in meditation if you are sending negative energy to the person you are attempting to forgive. Remember, your intention is "I'm going to release and get beyond my anger and transform it into positive energy", then, that's what will happen. Imagining your boss in front of you and you yelling at him and throw him through the window, isn't about hurting your boss. Your intention is to let go of this pent-up emotion, not to hurt your boss! Once your subconscious mind has vented that anger, you can easily forgive. You can really let it go with dignity and grace. But if the angry part of you needs to imaginative act out the feelings, don’t hold yourself back. Honor that part of you and it will set you free.

The 4th Step: The Secret to Transform this Energy into Positive Change. If you want to transform this energy that was once anger it is easy to do at this stage. Decide on what you’d like to have more of in your life, a.e., determination, self-discipline, creativity, or simply more positive motivation to take action on your dreams. Visualize how you want to be. Imagining yourself with greater creativity, how would you look in your mind and feel? Can you see yourself as an active “go-getter”, how would you visualize yourself with more discipline. Imagine how your life would look like.

Self Image is a Powerful Way to Create Changes in Your Life.
Did you know that until you change your self-image, you will never permanently change anything in your life. SSelf-image is that important and powerful. So what exactly is self-image? It is how you imagine yourself. You have thousands of “self-images” running through your mind. You have an image of yourself as a friend, a co-worker, a lover, a parent. You have an image of yourself in relationship to… your siblings, money, health, humor, relationships. So to visualize properly is simply to imagine how you’d like to be, look, feel and act. Consciously changing your self-image builds inner strength.

How to Change Your Self Image. Close your eyes and find a comfortable position. Begin by taking ins several deep breaths. Breathe deeply as you allow this new image of yourself to form in your mind. See and feel yourself the way you’d like to be. Generate the feeling of security or confidence and let it fill your mind as you imagine yourself living your life. After a few minutes, this new image will begin to integrate deep into your heart and mind, renewing your inner strength and instructing your subconscious mind how to be in the future.

When you Release Old Anger from Your Past, You Strengthen Your Inner Power. Your life will become full and rich with greater love, happiness, and peace. You’ll feel more in charge of yourself and your emotions. The more anger you own, process and release the more clear, happy and alive you will feel. Your health can improve and you will have an unstoppable will power to create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

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