• Are you yearning to make change in your life but find it overwhelming?
• Do you continue to work at a job that drains your very soul?
• Are you fearful of doing what you most desire to do?

Shhh! Listen you will be told what to do.

There is always a particular moment when you clearly know you need to change your life. That desire for change is a like a grain of sand in a shoe, imperceptible at first but grinding away until it becomes the only thing you notice. Your instinct is to dismiss the feelings. Saying, “I can tough this out “or “it could be worse”.

Often we find it easier to recognize the emotions and feeling of others but nearly impossible to recognize our own needs and yearnings. Why is this?

By midlife, after years of loss, comprise, denial, and fear we loose track of our “true self” and the dreams we had. We often struggle letting go of what does not serve our highest needs.

The ego has great difficulty letting go of anything and will defend it’s self with great intensity. The truth is we must let go of who we are in order to become who we want to be. Gregory Levoy, author of Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic life says, “Sometimes we hear the calling but fear what will be demanded of us if we respond to the “call”.

Our lives speak through our actions and reactions, our intuitions and instincts, our feelings and our words. If we can learn to listen, read our own responses, we will receive the guidance we need.

You must slow down to hear the “calling”, as to why you need to change your career, leave or start a relationship, go back to school, move to another part of the county, have a child or sell your house and travel.

Wake-up calls come in many ways to point us toward action.
They include:
• A dream that keeps coming back.
• A symptom in your body that reoccurs
• A song you hear that seems to be just for you
• A call from someone you need to hear from
• A book that falls into your lap
• An emotional issue that keeps reappearing
• A letter or a phone call to do volunteer work

These wake-up calls stimulate your intuition; encourage you to ask deeper questions and to seek the answers. This process is a gateway into the deepest layers of your soul.

Some people do listen to the message, take the risk, and change their lives!

As we move into a new year, we all are being moved to a higher frequency. This shift will call upon each one of us to become more attuned and sensitive to our soul’s purpose. You will be shedding old stuck beliefs that are no longer working and releasing old wounds and resentments, so that you can step into you authentic power. When will you begin the journey that will take you there?

Author's Bio: 

Joyce Dillon, RN, MN is a coach, consultant, author and CEO of Healthy Living and Balance. She is a pioneer in the field of wellness, empowerment, midlife transition and energy medicine. With over 20 years of experience as a transformative educator and energy practitioner, Joyce has trained with a wide variety of teachers from all corners of the globe in the fields of psychology, spirituality, energy, holistic healing and transformation. Learn more at http:// www.Healthylivingandbalance.com / or blog http:// www.healthyboomerlifestyles.typepad.com / or contact Joyce at 404-881-1322.