We often think of stress management as a serious subject. And although the subject is serious, stress can ruin lives, managing it effectively need not be. There are ways of having fun while managing stress. The following are some fun ideas for effective stress management.

Squeeze that ball. I'm sure we've all seen them. We may even have one or two on our desks. I'm talking about that squishy rubber ball that's supposed to help relieve stress. Yes, squeezing that stress ball really can help you effectively manage stress. By squeezing a stress ball, you contract the muscles in your hand and arm. As you release, your muscles relax, releasing tension and relieving stress. So squeeze that ball and take out all your frustrations.

Play a game. Dust off some of those boxed games you have sitting in your closet. Although it may sound a bit silly, playing a game of Candyland or Twister can bring a smile and laughter that can help manage the stress that we tend to bottle up inside. Playing the games can bring us back to a time when we were carefree and stress was not yet part of our world.

Call a friend. We all enjoy connecting with our friends. During times of stress, our friends can be an important sounding board to help us talk through our stress and calm us down. It is especially important that we feel we have friends we can reach out to that can help us manage our stress. Besides, once you've calmed down, you'll be able to focus on more enjoyable topics to talk about.

Plan something fun. Set aside time to participate in something you enjoy doing on a regular basis. Taking an art class, planning a weekend getaway, or playing a round of golf with your friends can help effectively manage your stress. By participating in something you enjoy, you are able to take your mind off things that cause you stress and help you relax.

Take a vacation. A few days off will help you recharge your batteries and help you relax. Employers give you vacation time for a reason. Don't be afraid to use it when you need a mental break from work. You can't function at peak level on your job when you feel stressed and burnt out. A few days vacation will help give you some breathing space away from your job to wind down. You can then return refreshed and rejuvenated to your job and work at optimum level again.

Read a book. If you can't take a physical vacation, take a mental vacation to relieve stress. Whether you enjoy mysteries, romance, or sci-fi, a book helps to take you away into another world. We can imagine being a part of the story when reading a book. This mental escape helps to take our mind off the things that cause us stress in real life and frees our imagination to become a part of the story we are reading.

These are a few ways you can have fun while managing your stress. What you are trying to accomplish is to give your mind and body a break from the everyday things that cause stress in your life. Try to pick a few to incorporate into your life and see how much fun and easier life becomes.

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