In today’s society we continue to look for the fastest way of achieving anything. The fastest way to work, the fast under 15 minute lunches or it’s free, the 30 minute Pizza delivery, the fastest way to achieve a goal, how can I lose weight fast.

Now, there a reason’s that we should not attempt to lose weight fast. The first you may lose it quickly, however your chances of putting it back on plus a few extra pounds is very likely. Secondly it is unhealthy. Attempting to lose weight fast usually involves starving yourself of the calories you need to be healthy. Sure you will lose weight fast but your body will suffer. When the body feels it is being starved it remembers and when you begin to eat again and not starve yourself your body says,” I remember that I was starving before so I am going to save most of the calories and fat in case it happens again,” and voila here you are again overweight with a few extra pounds added for good measure.

Most overweight people want a quick fix, that magic pill that will allow them to lose weight FAST, but the road to a slimmer and healthier person is a slow and steady one with very few shortcuts. There really are no shortcuts to good health and achieving your desired weight loss goal, so stop trying to lose weight fast.

Starving yourself and your body does help take off pounds and does allow you to lose weight fast, however when you deprive yourself of the things you love then you quickly become agitated and frustrated and end up falling off the diet only to start again a month down the road and if you go back on that starvation diet again to lose weight fast you will revisit the above outcome over and over again. Depriving and starving yourself is not the answer.

As in achieving any goal you should have a plan. To wake up one morning and say today I am going on a diet makes no sense, because you haven’t prepared yourself and failure is imminent. Start your plan by researching foods that aid in losing weight such as certain kinds of fruit. Investigate to see which foods will help your body while you are dieting. Instead of focusing on “lose weight fast”, turn your attention to foods that will help you in achieving your goal.

The tomato for instance is loaded with lycopine and is pure heart and blood food and low in calories. Carrots greatly enhance the function and blood supply to the eyes and also are low in calories. For women, are you aware that eating one avocado a week helps balance hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight and helps prevent cervical cancer? There are so many natural approaches in helping to maintain your health while on a diet.

Exercise; let’s not forget this important aspect of dieting. For some this is a dreaded word, but just getting off of the couch and going for a walk is exercise and who knows you just may learn to like that walk. It helps clear the mind and for some of us the only alone time we get. If you like company while walking by all means find a buddy and the two of you can help each other. Being active and exercising gets you physically fit and helps remove stress and exercising rids your body of unused calories that would otherwise be stored as fat, helping to lose weight fast. You will look and feel better with less fat and leaner tissue. It is up to you to find the exercise that is right for you that you enjoy, this way you will continue to do it and trust me, when you start to see more lean muscle and less fat you will be hooked for life.

Once you have your plan in place and have set your goal you are well on your way to success. I would also suggest finding a forum or blog about dieting that you can join. Sometimes sharing your frustrations along with your triumphs not only helps you but others as well.

Journaling your progress on a daily or weekly basis is a great way to monitor your progress. Keep track of what you eat, when you eat, and why. Perhaps you could name your journal “MY JOURNAL FOR HOW NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST!” What ever you call it document your progress by entering everything you eat, your moods, your cravings and what stimulated them. Be sure to read your journal often, you will be amazed at how much you learn about yourself and your eating habits.

People seeking to lose weight fast are not being realistic. Remember, you didn’t put the weight on in a week or a month but over a longer period of time so why would you expect to lose weight fast. There is no magic here and the key as previously stated is to plan and take the necessary action to achieve your goal, not jumping on the first fad diet the comes along to lose weight fast!

Dieting is more then something you are choosing to do to lose the weight it is and should become a lifestyle change. By planning and setting realistic goals your rate of success will increase. Choose to lose no more then 2 pounds per week at the most, stick to your plan and you will succeed.

After reading this article I hope that you see that to lose weight fast is not the answer to the problem. Putting on the weight took a long time and so taking it off by losing it fast is not an answer just a quick fix. Why not ask “How to lose weight the healthy way?” not “How to lose weight fast?”

I wish you success in achieving your goal and I hope I have changed your views on HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST!

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Law is a retired RN and Registered Cardiac Ultrasound Technologist who worked in the medical field for 25 plus years. Over these years she worked with many overweight persons and this lead to here interest in helping others achieve their weight loss goals.