With recent alarming financial events, Aura Reading is no substitute for voting or regularly contacting your reps in Congress.

Although, when more people do Aura Reading, that cast of characters will quickly change for the better.

•If you want to vote the bums out, your first step is to tell who they are. Bums who lie, abuse power, etc. can be spotted easily using my three really accurate Aura Reading Lie Detector Tests. (If voters had used Aura Reading in 2000 or subsequent elections, we would never have been in this mess.)

•If you're worried that Barack Obama is hiding some scary terrorist vibe underneath that charming and calming personality, do Aura Reading before you vote. (Unless you're drunk or blinded by your own fears, you'll find it an inspiring treat, Aura Reading Obama.)

No wonder I have such a passion for teaching people like you how to do Aura Reading in depth and detail. But what can it do for helping people like us to calm down, make wise financial choices and, generally, stay safe in these troubling times?


Scroll down to the next section, experienced aura readers. Time is money!

Otherwise, here are some Aura Reading basics.

What is your aura, anyway? You may know that surrounding your physical body are numerous energy bodies, make of electro-magnetic energy and stuffed with information -- your own personal zipped files.

If you've studied Aura Reading at all, you also know that this information is organized especially clearly in chakras -- locations corresponding to the physical body, like the Root Chakra where your legs come together or your Third Eye Chakra, at your forehead.

Surprise! If you've studied Aura Reading with me, you also know that every chakra contains 50 different databanks of information. Each aura reading databank twinkles with two types of information:

* A lifelong gift of your soul
* Stored-up problems, distorting your aura and life, e.g., cords of attachment, frozen blocks of energy in cellular memory from childhood traumas, etc. For convenience, I call all this "STUFF." It shows clearly in Aura Reading. Whether you read it or not, STUFF creates major problems in life.

More background about Aura Reading is summarized in the BIO section at the end of this post. Now let's get right to it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Compare two of your Aura Reading databanks. Do it now. Check out the quality of your:

Yes, in general, "The only thing we had to fear is fear itself."
FDR got that right. Is financial fear lodged in either one of your chakras? Get that out!

The Law of Attraction works really well with strong negative emotions like fear, not just the pretty, happy kind of wishes that people consciously prefer to project. Fears can and will magnetize scary experiences.

When fears are deep enough to show up in an Aura Reading, you really will need to do something effective to get them out. Much as I love reading articles! (Can you tell?) Ideas can satisfy the conscious mind or even change it. But it takes holistic healing to make changes that go deep enough to show up at the level of Aura Reading.

You may have favorite do-it-yourself techniques to remove STUFF from your aura, including Reiki, EFT, and the famous Joe-Sixpack solution. (Sarah Palin may also recommend shooting defenseless wolves from helicopters as an effective way to instill peace of mind, but the calming power of this technique is over-rated.)

My #1 recommendation is cutting cords of attachment, since they re-circulate old fears 24/7, dumping the dismal brew straight into your subconscious mind. Fortunately, you can learn to cut any cord of attachment and do it permanently. (To learn more, click on the cover of my book at www.rose-rosetree.com.)

Deeper financial fears may require an even deeper level of healing. I have helped many clients to remove money blockage issues with Energy Release Regression Therapy. This is also the most effective healing method I know if someone wants to stop the pesky money loss (and health drain) related to smoking cigarettes. (Again, see LINKS for more details.)

Bottom line about carrying fear in your aura, especially these two Aura Reading Databanks: Heal it now. Don't wait for some news headline to fix it. No news headline ever will. Not even the soothing, relaxing, kindliness of Fox News!


Go back and re-read these two vital signs for your financial health:


Only this time pay attention to size, not quality. Many of the people drawn to Aura Reading have a problem with proportion.

•Aura Reading Databanks at the Third Eye are huge, maybe extending for miles (reading consistently at the third layer, which is what I prefer to do in most cases).

•Meanwhile, The Aura Reading Databanks at the Root Chakra are teensy.

If you fit this profile, know that you can heal this imbalance. It may not be terribly difficult, either. Pay more attention to your body and environment.

Decrease the meditation/prayer/visualization/etc. time in your day and get more exercise. (Those of you who have a copy of "Empowered by Empathy," re-read Chapter 13 and act accordingly.)

Often this lifestyle shift will do the trick. If you feel resistance to bringing your life priorities into more acceptance of living on earth, there is good reason why you have trouble with grounding. Effective healing is needed, perhaps including help like Cut Cords of Attachment or Energy Release Regression Therapy.

Bottom line about Root Chakra shrinkage: Until you have a strong presence in Aura Reading Databanks like the one about saving money, you're doing the equivalent of carrying water in a leaky bucket.

This would exacerbate whatever money problems are happening with the economy in general. To claim your share of prosperity, clean up your act. Specifically, clean up this part of your aura.


Guess what free treat you can discover, doing an Aura Reading on the person who can help you most about moving through troubled financial times?

That person, of course, is the CEO of your own life. Even if you are a devout co-creator with God, the human rep. is you. Never believe that economic woes of others must inevitably ruin your life.

Financial calamity hits like a tornado, smashing some and sparing others.

To become one of the "lucky ones," here's how Aura Reading can help. Remember that part about gifts of your soul?

Aura Reading can, thus, help you to make contact with your own strengths. Do it daily, if headlines are discouraging you daily.

Perhaps you are like a woman I met last Sunday. She said, "All my life, I've seen colors. But I have no idea what they mean."

That isn't Aura Reading but 50% (or less) of a real aura reading.

You don't have to see colors at all to do valid, perceptive Aura Reading. One way you'll know if you have learned to use your complete, inborn, fabulous set of skills for aura reading is this: Whenever you like, you can do Aura Reading all the way down to gifts of your soul.

If you aren't doing that yet, see FAQs at my website, www.rose-rosetree.com. IF YOU ARE, financial inspiration is as close as your personal energy field.

What do you do really well in life? Gifts of the soul are as permanent as a fingerprint. Sarah Palin has plenty of them, for instance. Sure, in many recent blog posts I have done Aura Reading and Face Reading of her, describing qualities like extreme narcissism. But the coy perpetrator of Palin Pounce has a lovely aura, despite all her STUFF, including as many gifts of the soul as you or me.

These soul-level gifts are distinctive. Once STUFF is healed, IF it is healed, they can become the driving force in a personality. Not that I expect that Palin will be motivated to do this any time soon.

Still, what do I find as a gift of the soul at Palin's SAVING

Aw, that sunny Sarah! Deep down, she feels absolutely sure that she deserves all good things in life.

Well, you may, too. Or else you have a different but equally powerful gift, something that could activate the Law of Attraction on your own behalf.

In case you've been sneering at the candidate who has spent the past week holding hate rallies, notice this fact about the proportions that show clearly with aura reading:



You can go for both. Don't settle, as Palin does, for less.
If you will lead from your strengths, and let your full auric magnificence flourish, you will be well on your way to a fully joyful, prosperous life.

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