The catastrophic weather conditions are our nation has been experiencing have caused a tremendous amount of fear because of the imminent dangers involved. Many people have been disrupted from their home and families, losing their connections.

Fear can cause you to become paralyzed and unable to concentrate or focus on what needs to be done in an emergency. The power of the mass consciousness of this fear affects everyone. Help to dissipate this negativity and fear by sending love and light into these areas. An affirmation that I like is: The infinite power of the universe has gathered to create a world of truth and grand harmony.

Being from La. and in the direct path of Hurricane Gustav was very frightening and unsettling to say the least. As a practitioner of energetic healing, I can attest to the power of intentions.

Would it be possible to focus this intention concerning the storm? Because of increased technology in forecasting weather conditions, we were able to get advance warnings about the approaching storms and tropical depressions.

Although we had much to be grateful for, many people fled from their homes, others still not having water or electricity and still others suffered much destruction of property and some fatalities.

What do you do? Was there time to leave the area? Leaving meant many hours on the road with a possibility that there would not be any gas available. Where would you go? The hurricane could change and go in any direction at a moments notice. What about the home that you were leaving? Do you have enough time to safeguard your property? Many areas had mandatory evacuations. If anything was learned from Hurricane Katrina and Rita, it was being more prepared.

Although there was still destruction, it could have been so much worse.
My area was protected and I am very grateful for that, although there were 1 million residents without power or water. However, there are more storms that are forming.

My request is for everyone reading this to help with the intention of dissipating these catastrophic events. I feel that the collective consciousness is a very powerful thing that should be recognized. Everything responds to vibration and the power that our thoughts have to attract or change events is enormous. Please use your intention as often as you like, but particularly during the times of 9AM and 9PM.

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She uses energy-based therapies for trauma release work with success for people suffering with PTSD or for anyone who has had a traumatic experience in their lives. When working with Volunteers of America, Sue was able to provide sessions for disaster relief workers dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in La.

She has been a guest speaker for numerous organizations, as well as presenting at state conferences. Sue has written articles on energy work for alternative and complementary newsletters and online publications.

She has developed material and has been a trainer for education classes for child care, stress management seminars and subtle body energy workshops.

She has been able to integrate energy based therapies into local hospital’s operating and recovery rooms as well as providing these therapies to newborn babies at a local hospital. As a volunteer at health fairs and cancer survivor retreats offering energy based therapies, Sue has gained experience in dealing with a variety of health challenges.

Sue teaches Care for Self and Subtle Body Energy classes at a local career College and has helped conduct workshops with local hospitals and hospice for caregivers. She is in private practice in Louisiana. She is available for distant healing sessions.
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For some people suffering with symptoms of PTSD, chronic stress, abuse, trauma, illness or accidents, the emotions of anger and fear are held in our bodies in our emotional brain...energetic trauma release techniques can help to release those "emotional triggers" and re pattern the brain with peace and calm. Sue offers classes to help dealing with these symptoms, getting to the root cause.