Emotional eating can be all consuming. Sitting in front of the television shoveling food in your mouth as fast as you can. Not really tasting what you're eating. Not necessarily thinking about what it is you're eating. Continuing to eat long past the point of being full. Often times starting to eat when your not hungry at all. Just spending time with a friend, food.

There are many reasons we turn to food for comfort, and it generally happens when we are in an emotionally weakened state. When something negative is happening in our life and we look to food to make us feel better. But, many can go for a long time without realizing they're eating rather than deal with what is really bothering them. It's just become a way of life. Eating what's quick and easy because we're bored, lonely, sad, depressed, or just because.

Realizing that the food is only a a temporary fix for a situation is a huge step. Acknowledging that you may be enjoying those few moments while eating that chocolate cake, but when it's gone, the problem with your co-worker hasn't gone away, it's still a problem. And the cake you ate didn't help your waistline, which can just help add depression into the mix. And so the cycle goes.

First, you need a plan for changing your eating habits. Identify what causes you to spin out of control with your eating, what triggers your binges. If it's a situation you can anticipate, such as being alone for the weekend. Plan ahead. Stock up on fresh fruit and veggies and maybe a small portion of your favorite treat so you won't feel deprived. Plan to stay active. Go to a museum, the library, or the movies. Read a good book. Keep your mind occupied.

Continue making small changes in your habits. Don't eat in front of the television, the distraction makes mindless eating too easy. Concentrate on the food you're eating. Chew slowly, tasting every bite. When at all possible, sit down to a meal. If you have to eat on the run, make sure you have healthy, flavorful foods you can take with you to avoid those high-fat, unhealthy foods you would have turned to in the past.

Physical activity and relaxation can both be excellent ways to deter yourself from eating. If you're faced with a situation where you're tempted to reach for food, go for a walk instead. Walking can take your mind off food and energize you. It also helps relieve stress and get you fit. Or, get your mat out and do some yoga. Put some soothing music on and take a warm bath. Relax with a cup of herbal tea specifically blended to nourish the nerves and nervous system. One that includes valerian, kava kava, lavender, chamomile, hops, lady's slipper, passion flower, cinnamon, yerba mate, and stevia. Any one of these activities will have you feeling much better than stuffing yourself, both physically and emotionally.

To aid in reducing stress, which is one of the major causes of emotional eating, rely on an inspirant that is so convenient you can carry it with you and use it anywhere and anytime. Choose one that contains natural plant oils that will create a feeling of complete and total calm. An herbal blend of may chang, lavender, bergamot, palmarosa, orange, labrador,amyris, marjoram, wild chamomile, cistus, galangal, ylang, champaca, neroli, and rose will provide one of the best stress relievers available

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