It was way back in 1985 that I got to live out a childhood dream of mine...

I enjoyed the incredible delight of flying in a Hot Air Balloon. What an experience! Unlike anything I had ever done before. The anticipation was exhilarating... the excitement was almost overwhelming... the actual balloon ride was incredible.

It was different than I had imagined. Somewhat like floating... but with little or no sense of movement. And, it was so quiet other than the occasional blast of the fire to take us higher. I could see for miles and miles across the beautiful Michigan countryside. The day was crystal clear, and the small lakes below glistened in the early morning sunlight. It was a Dream come true... A BIG Dream!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always believed in those words ... Dream BIG Dreams - oh yes, flying in a hot air balloon was a big dream to me. But another even bigger dream of mine was to move to Hawaii with my wonderful wife, Camille, and to begin our family. I dreamt that dream - day and night - for over ten years... and I knew it would happen. It did! We lived there 5 years and were blessed with two sons. Was it easy to accomplish this dream? No... Was it worth the time and effort? Oh yeah... it truly is Paradise!

I now find myself at a crossroads of sorts. I recently left my “day job” that had helped support my family over the early growth years of our online business. The security of a weekly check held a psychological benefit as well as financial one. But my BIG dream is to earn my living doing what I love... creating images and content to share with others utilizing the Internet. What a BIG dream... break away from the typical 9 to 5 grind... grow a business I can pass on to my children... do something that can really benefit a large community of people. Perhaps it won’t happen this month... or even this year. I simply might have to take another 9 to 5 until I can crystallize and capitalize on the BIG dream I’ve been dreaming for the last many years.

But, you know what? I KNOW it Will Happen! And that keeps me going.

We can all choose to believe what we want... I choose to believe in BIG Dreams... and I know from personal experience - they can and Will Happen!

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Mark Peltier-Robson is the founder of P-R Posters(tm) Motivational Companies ( Inspiration and Motivation don't have to strike like a bolt of lightning - they can be found in the smallest of things: a gentle smile, a pat on the shoulder, or a short note of encouragement. Our products are another such venue of encouragement - inspiration and motivation that can be put on the wall, displayed on a desk, or shared with family and friends.