How Earnie created diabetes from anxiety

Fear, worry and anxiety can seriously affect your health, and in time even kill you. People can and do develop all sorts of health problems by fixating their minds on ideas that make them feel powerless.

Recently I met a man – let’s call him Ernie - who knew nothing about hypnosis, yet he had been using it unknowingly and successfully … to slowly start digging a grave for himself. While attending university, Ernie woke up one night panic stricken at the thought of forthcoming exams and due to extreme anxiety, he couldn't breathe. Now he wasn't just afraid of the exams, he was afraid of choking, he was afraid of dying. His became obsessed with the question - what if he stops breathing and dies.

His once great health began to deteriorate and constant worries led to high blood pressure, ulcers, diabetes and assortment of other health problems. it came to the point that doctors couldn't prescribe medications to make him feel much better because medications for one health problem would jeopardize the other. His income was suffering because instead of focusing on the work he needed to do, his mind was preoccupied with ever growing number of worries related to his survival.

Earnie has crippled his body simply by contemplating what he feared the most, day in and day out. He created a vicious cycle in which each fearful thought gave rise to a new health problem and each new health problem gave rise to more worry and anxiety. His life became a nightmare.

Most people have some fears, worries and anxieties, but instead of becoming crippled by them, you could use them as motivation to learn to master your inner states, to develop skills and abilities that will enrich your life and to access resources you didn't even know you had before.

We live in a dynamic world of change

Some wise historians point out that the really significant thing about studying history is not whether the Dinosaur eggs found in Mongolia may be 10 or 100 million years old, or whether mankind dates back to the primitive ape-man of 500,000 years ago or sprang full-grown from the mind of the Creator, or whether the pyramids in Egypt were 5,000 or 50,000 years old.

All of those things may be of little consequence to the quality of your life right now. The really significant thing is that from paying attention to the patterns of change throughout history, you may begin to get an understanding of that infinite "life principle" that moves the universe - and of the untold possibilities it opens up to it.

You learn how throughout history this "life-principle was threatened by every kind of danger - sudden climatic changes, lack of food, floods, earthquakes, droughts, volcanic eruptions - but to this life principle each new danger was merely an incentive to discover or develop a new resource. Pursued through water, it sought land. Pursued over land, it aught the air. To breathe in the sea, it developed gills. Stranded on land, it created lungs. To protect itself from glacial cold, it grew fur. To meet one danger it developed a shell. For another wings. But ever, from the beginning this life principle showed its power to meet every creature's need.

All through the history of life and mankind you see this same directing intelligence - call it Nature, call it Providence, call it God, or whatever you like - rising to meet every need of life..

Every challenge helps you to unfold more of your potential

Looking back at your life, you may realize that every problem, every challenging situation, every dangerous situation was there to motivate you to do whatever it takes to rise to the challenge.

Instead of feeling helpless or paralyzed, you may ask yourself:

"How is this situation helping me to unfold more of my potential?
"What can I do right now to rise above this fear, worry or anxiety?"
"What skills and abilities can I develop now to be able to successfully cope with similar situations in the future?"
"In what way can I alter my perception of myself and the world so that I can successfully cope with similar situations in the future?"

Fear, Worries, and Anxieties do not exist in the present moment

Keep in mind that fears, worries and anxieties can only exist when we anticipate in our imaginations what may happen at some point in the future. They do not exist while we are focused on our present experiences.

One thing you can do to help yourself to experience inner peace instead of fear, worry or anxiety is to focus on doing your very best in the present moment, and let the future take care of itself.
You can take a mental vacation each day and meditate on that power and intelligence within you which is greater than your physical body and greater than any challenge you will ever have to face.

You can repeat throughout the day affirmations like :
"I am always divinely guided and protected"
"I am always safe and protected"
"I am always in the right place and the right time"
"All my needs are now and forever instantly supplied".

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Dr. Laura De Giorgio is the author of over 2,000 hypnosis, subliminal,supraliminal and supraliminal plus recordings in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. On her website you can access many free articles designed to help you use the power of your mind more effectively, many free downloads and movie presentations.