Agoraphobia causes the sufferer to react in strange ways in the eyes of people who don't have it or have not even heard of it. It's a hard illness to understand.

Yet, when you look at why an agoraphobic person reacts in the ways that they do, it's not at all surprising. They are afraid of feeling fear and even terror.

Agoraphobics Have To Willingly Face "Danger"

When an agoraphobic person has to go out or encounter whatever situation it is that causes them to have a panic attack, if they can avoid it, they will.

They do not want to go through intense fear and physical sensations such as dizziness (for example) that may result. Avoidance is something they get really good at.

This is understandable. Let's be honest, nobody likes to go through fear, yet, the agoraphobic person has to do just that. To the layperson, think of how you'd feel if confronted with a hungry lion.

To an agoraphobic person, going far from home on their own is "that hungry lion". If you came face to face with a lion just once, it's more than enough, but an agoraphobic person has to do it over and over. Can you imagine how difficult that would be?

Agoraphobia Causes

It's estimated that over 95% of people with agoraphobia have panic attacks. It's rare to have agoraphobia on its own. No one knows for sure what causes agoraphobia, but there are several theories.

Much research has gone into this. It could be genetic. In one research study, it was found that if one identical twin suffered from panic, it was likely the other would as well. The numbers were significantly lower for fraternal twins.

It's also thought that chemical imbalances are the reason. The fact that medication (both conventional and alternative) can calm things down might suggest that there is some truth in this.

There's no doubt that you also pick up psychological problems through association. For example, if you had a panic attack on a couple of occasions at the bank, then whenever you need to go to the bank, you will be thinking, "Oh god, please don't let it happen again."

Agoraphobia causes may one day be pinned down to a specific reason. Until then, as impossible as it seems, with help and support, you can improve or even completely overcome your fears

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