Are you stuck in the same old rut, feeling uninspired, tired, and bored? Are you wondering how to gain motivation for the things you really want to do? Motivation is an ongoing process, a behavior that you can nurture and expand, but motivation cannot be forced. If you are ready to live a meaningful life, then here are four powerful strategies to pump up your motivation to start acting on the goals that are important to you and your life.

1. Build Potential
Motivation flows from the heart, it does not rain down upon you. To gain motivation, first link to what you feel strongly about. Tap into an idea or goal that excites you and fires up your imagination. Allow this vision to provide a higher purpose in your life. For example, instead of trying to lose weight by following yet one more restrictive and boring diet take a closer look at the benefits you gain by participating in the action of achieving your goal. It’s not just about the weight you are moving away from, but the life, strengths, and empowerment you are moving toward. How will the process of achieving your goal change who you? Whenever you are feeling unmotivated, “hitch your wagon to a star” and focus on the pleasure of the ideas that arouse your passion.

2. Protect Your Goals Closely
There are differing opinions about how soon we should tell other people about our plans and goals. Some experts advise that we must tell others about our plans so they can support us, and so that we become more accountable and committed to following through. I personally believe that first we must nurture our goals within. Initially a goal is a tiny seed that requires tenderness, love, and security within so that it may grow roots. When your idea has sprouted some leaves, perhaps then it may be safe to share it with others who are of like mind. However, sometimes even when people want to be supportive, they may offer their support in a manner that is counterproductive. So do share your goals with others, but use discernment as to when you share, whom you will share them with, and be clear within yourself about what you hope to gain by sharing.

3. Rewards and Recognition
The journey toward reaching your goal is often a long road. It’s frequently full of experiences, challenges, obstacles, and even failures. With all this going on, we often don’t notice the change that is occurring or the progress we’ve made. Without recognition and reward, it is easy to become frustrated and even cynical about your ability to effectively reach your goal. To counter this de-motivational outcome, chart your efforts. Deliberately recognizing effort, successes, and accomplishments keeps motivation flowing. Make sure to reward yourself and your positive behaviors soon after you notice hem. This helps to show yourself consciously that you are able to make changes in your life, and that your goal can actually be achieved.

4. Manage Stress
Fear and stress are great motivators – for a very short time. That’s why yelling at yourself won’t light a spark under your butt for very long. When you are stressed, it is easy to loose the motivation that keeps you going. That’s because stress creates a sense of danger, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and a loss of focus on the bigger picture. Stress inspired actions are fight or flight generated responses that help you to deal with disaster. Taking measures to bring stress back down allows you to regain center, reconnect to the excitement that your goal carries, and discover a creative solution to help you move forward.

Fire up your motivation and live life to the fullest!

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