Humans are pretty inventive. Our creativity has changed our quality of life infinitesimally over the centuries.

But nature still outdoes us in many areas. We have yet to best the sophistication, flexibility, and precise responsiveness of our immune system when it comes to warding off illness or recovering from a bug.

Over the past few years, in fact, the medical community has backed off from attacking your body's natural response to illness – you know, the stuffy noses, coughs and fevers. Doctors are acknowledging that these symptoms are more helpful than harmful. They are your body's means of flushing, expelling and burning out germs that would otherwise make you their home.

So what's the latest advice? Don't interfere with these symptoms too much. But do everything you can to strengthen your body so it can fight more effectively.

And these two - often overlooked - immune system boosters are a great way to start.

Boost Immune System Health With Beta-Carotene

We tend to think about our immune system as limited to the specialized cells that patrol our blood stream. However, the first defense we have is really our skin and our mucous membranes.

If your skin and mucus membranes loose their integrity, you've lost this first crucial wall of defense. Beta-carotene provides important nutrition for keeping your skin and mucus membranes healthy and strong.

Chlorella contains a nice 845 IU of beta-carotene or vitamin A in every 3 g serving.

That's six times the beta-carotene in spinach!

How To Boost Immune System Health With Beta Glucans

Since the 1980's scientists have been noting the powerful way unique starches in chlorella seem to fortify the immune system. These starches seem to increase the activity of specialized immune cells called macrophages, stimulate immune messenger chemicals and even help the immune system zone in on trouble spots.

Scientists are still working on identifying the exact chemistry of these unique immune-boosting starches. But in 2008, one of them was identified as a beta-glucan. Many health experts attribute their presence in chlorella to some of its especially potent immune-supporting properties.

As one immune researcher put it, beta-glucans can transform an organism into an "arsenal defense". While the total amount of beta-glucans in chlorella is still unknown, we know for sure that its singular starches provide exceptional immune support.

Boost Immune Health And Rest Easy This Winter

Your immune system is your best defense this winter. Nothing the medical world has come up with can match its sophistication and flexibility.

So treat it right . . . Make sure you exercise. Get enough rest. And eat well to give yourself the ingredients like beta carotene and beta glucans for a healthy defense.

Chlorella fits in perfectly to this strategy. Its powerful green nutrition will help you and your immune system stay strong and healthy as you enter the cold months of the year.

So you can enjoy winter – not dread it.

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