We all have a little bit of a perfectionist attitude in us although we don't admit it.

Sometimes we put off a job because we want it to meet high standards (Fear of failure) and don't have a plan (lack of a goals) to execute to get the job finished the right way.

Sometimes we put off a job because we don't like it and want to ignore it and sometimes we don't like the person that gave us the job; Therefore, we resent having to do it.

The reasons are countless and to be honest, it does make
a difference in how we go about getting a job completed and if it is completed correctly.

So, it is easier to quit before we start.

Who are we hurting?

No matter what the reason; we procrastinate, it still all
comes down to hurting ourselves the most.

Besides not having the job done, we have caused ourselves, excess anxiety, an abundance of stress, a large amount of wasted time and a job that has now doubled in size.

It hardly paid to put it off, did it?

Here is the REAL challenge; how to get over procrastination, try these easy steps and it will make your work load a little lighter.

ļ Don't try to do too much at one time, take baby steps and work your way up to the big jobs.

ļ Do not worry about getting things 100% perfect. You will want to go back and redo the job later and you will have the time because everything else will be organized.

ļ Don't try to do the job when you are tired, hungry, stressed-out or hurried.

ļ Make a list of what you want to do so that you have set a goal.

ļ Stick the things that you don't like to do in-between two projects that you know will turn out great.

ļ Find a friend, either to help you or that you can call during your breaks so that you can brag a little about what you have done.

ļ Plan a nice reward for yourself, when the job is finished; you will deserve it.

ƒº Remember, it didn't get this way overnight, it's not going to disappear that fast either. Take your time and don¡¦t over-do, it will cause more stress.

ļ If you really want a jolt as to what you have accomplished; take before and after pictures, then hang the after pictures where you will see them everyday.

ļ Write down the Pro's and Con's of getting the job done; this will give you the incentive you need to start.

The amount of pride that you will feel will give you the strength and will power to continue, so make sure that you keep that paper and pencil handy for making out your next list.

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Jan Hayner is the creator of Easy Home Organizing at http://www.organizingandcleaning.com Get her free pamphlets, Things To Organize That Take 10 Minutes Each and GuiltBusters For Working Moms and Dads. Jan offers tips ideas and shortcuts for home organizing and household cleaning problems.