Have you ever had the feeling that something was not quite right, but you couldn't explain why? Or maybe you just felt the urgency to do something without being able to rationalise the sensing?

YES, you have? Well that is your intuition, or as it is often referred to, 'the inner voice'. Other terminologies that may be more familiar to you are: gut feeling, hunch, presentiment, sixth sense etc. I know that some women try to ignore or suppress this precious gift, because it is often looked upon as being 'irrational', stupid or simply labelled as 'hysterics'. Well do believe me when I say, you are neither stupid nor irrational. And being hysterical is a far cry from what you are being made to sense! The simple truth is, every woman is strongly endowed with this remarkable gift, and you should be very proud of it! Mind you, I'm not saying that men do not possess this gift either. It is just that, we women are more endowed with this than our male counterparts.

The Intuition is your strongest asset for whatever you want to achieve or be. You cannot afford to ignore its guidance. If you want to be successful or avoid danger of any kind, your intuition has to be sharpened. It has to become alive within you. By enhancing this tool alone, you can bring remarkable changes into your life, because the really and truly designer of YOUR LIFE is YOU and YOUR INNER GUIDE. No one else. Not your priest, not your parents, not your friends or counsellor. JUST YOU and that still, small voice!

When everything or everyone else lets you down, I can assure you, your inner voice will never ever disappoint you, unless you refuse to pay attention to it. To exemplify this. Several years ago, when I first thought of starting my own ezine, I came up with a thousand reasons why it wouldn't work, including thinking that no one would want to read what I write, because there were already so many newsletters in circulation. Then I decided to ask my inner guide for direction.

After some moments of insecurities and doubts, I calmed down, and lo! One morning I woke up and heard a still, small voice saying clearly and distinctly to me: 'knowledge only becomes valuable when you share it with others'. I felt a huge relief and joy and decided there and then to go ahead and launch my first ezine for women. This is one of the results from that decison which came about from listening to my intuition!

How do you become more aware of your inner voice?
You owe it to yourself to listen to that persistent tiny voice. For it not only renders you more alert, but it can also save you or a loved one a great deal of pain and regrets.

1. By paying attention to what is going on inside of you.
Discipline yourself to sit still sometimes during the day for 15-20 minutes.

2. Be with yourself and with whatever is transpiring within you without trying to control or analyze it.

3. Accept that your intuition will always make itself perceptible in times of danger, urgency or inner struggles.

4. Trust and follow your inclings without fear or doubt.

5. When in doubt, wait and ask for inner guidance.

The more you pay attention to your inner sensing, the stronger your intuition will become. You then feel more confident and begin to fully rely on your intuition to guide you steadily.

Remember that every exceptional work of art and every great invention that has ever been created or discovered was born out of an intuition. So why not start now to commit to transforming your life by connecting powerfully to your intuitive power. It is your gold mine. It is the strongest leverage you require to having a successful life and abundant health. When both your inner mind and spiritual power are combined in a natural balanced correlation you cannot fail!

Author's Bio: 

Olakunbi (Kunbi) Korostensky N.D. /MA, Energy Psychologist is a Spiritual Life Changer Coach™ specialised in helping people struggling with new changes in their lives. She is also a spiritual teacher for women who want to attain feminine excellence in their lives and businesses through their intrinsic spiritual power. She is the founder of the Awaken Women International, a community providing women world wide with spiritual tools to expand their scope and attain feminine excellence. As Presi-dent of "Stiftung Attitudinal Healing" a non profit organisation founded by her in Switzerland, she is dedicated to embracing love instead of fear. www.embracingchanges.com and www.awakenwomen.com