What is your core concept? It’s your BIG idea, the central thought that everything else builds on. In story writing we call it your theme. It’s the kernel of truth that becomes the strong foundation for your work. What special takeaway or benefit do you offer your clients? And what’s happens then? And then? When you add value to someone’s life, it’s like dropping a pebble into a pond. The effects ripple outward. Find the benefit from the last ripple your service creates and you’re on to your core concept.

Remember these 3 points about your core concept:

1. It has to be real.

Your promise must precisely match the results. Be careful about overpromising and also about under promising. When you are authentic, the results are real and your Perfect Prospect feels it.

2. It has to be exciting.

What’s the most thrilling part of your service, the thing that makes your clients breathe, “Wow!” Does that particular benefit fall dead center to your core concept? If it does, use this electrifying moment as your focal point. It will stir the imagination and curiosity of your Perfect Prospect and draw them in.

3. It has to be too good to keep.

Does the answer to #2 stir up an urgency to call Mom or share on facebook? That’s what you’re looking for. News that’s too good to keep will spur your business into the stratosphere with viral marketing. That’s the sweet spot you’ve been searching for.

If you’re an interior designer whose focus in on senior living, then your theme could be, “I’ll design a custom living space so you can enjoy the comfort and security of your home for years to come.” That’s a real, valid claim. It’s exciting to people facing the hard choices in life and it’s something to share with friends and family members facing the same challenges.

Once you have your core concept down, stick to it. Everything has to revolve around that one message. In a story, every single scene, every single conversation, every single incident must be tied to the theme and to the storyline. Yes, you might get a cute idea for a conversation or situation between 2 of the characters but unless that incident is vital to the theme, it has to go.

The same is true of your business theme. Every single product you offer, every single teleseminar and report must stick to the theme as well. Keep your message pure. Keep driving that message home, so you become known for that single concept. Become an authority in that precise piece of real estate although you can come at the theme in a lot of different ways. With one strong theme, you can create an entire 7-figure industry. Robert Kiyosaki did. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield did. Oprah did. So can you.

Your theme should automatically lead to a call to action. Once you know your theme, you’ll present it in a way that naturally leads your prospects to the next step. Yes, your prospects want to build a blog that will help them connect to their tribe on a soul level. So, how will they get that benefit? By engaging with you and getting the help you (the best authority) can give them.

Once you understand the values and the pain of your Perfect Prospects, you will know how to frame your theme, your products, and your call to action. What do your prospects want? Legacy? Security? Health and wellness for their loved ones? Expanding on your theme, you will touch them at the deepest levels. Yes, they want to have a great lifestyle, but what will that do for them? When you mention the final ripple, you will get their attention. They will move for the mouse and the buy now button.

Can you see how this comes down to knowing who your prospects are and what they need from you? If you know that, then you can deliver exactly what they need every single time. You can craft your products and services, then talk about them using the very words that captures their attention and you’ll knock it out of the park every time.

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