Settling into a routine can be helpful, yet harmful. Routines can result in becoming too comfortable and resisting any chance of growth. Mindlessly going through each day can lead to lack of fulfillment in each area of your life. If you want to feel more fulfilled every day and live the best life possible, make a few changes each day and consider the following 4 tips.

Expand Your Horizons

We all have comfort zones that help us feel safe. The trouble is when we try to find all of our fulfillment within that boundary of comfortable experiences. In order to live a fulfilled life, you will simply have to venture out into the unknown. If your life has taken on a pattern of staying within the realm of predictability, take a chance on trying something new and unfamiliar.

Develop Meaning for Your Life

Humans thrive on the concept of being a part of something larger than ourselves. It's the foundation that has driven humanity to such great heights and allowed us to achieve the impossible. The meaning we make of our life and actions can inspire us to take new steps and work towards achieving goals.

If you are lacking meaning in the mundane everyday existence of your life, it may be a sign that you need to start creating a more meaningful existence. This can mean developing gratitude for the simple good of home, love, and family. It could also be beginning a dream project that can help a lot of people or spending time doing charity work. Considering seeking spiritual advice for help in discovering meaning in your life.

Strengthen Relationships

At a biological level, we are wired to crave connection to others and intimacy. The activities that promote closeness, intimate conversation, laughter, comfort and a sense of belonging all help to soothe and organize the neural networks of our brains. In the absence of such love and connection, we feel isolated, lonely and anxious. This as an ongoing pattern can sap happiness and joy from your life. You may feel cut-off and find that life has lost its purpose. In order to feel fulfilled every day, seek out experiences that let you feel connected and accepted.

Make Time for What Makes You Happy

We all need moments of joy in our existence to feel fulfillment. For many of us, this can come from success at work, the simple moments of being with family, or in meeting your goals. But there is pureness of happiness that can only come from spending personal time exploring your unique hobbies and interests. This develops a sense of identity and self-respect that might otherwise be buried in the demands of daily life.

No one should have to go through life feeling unhappy and unsatisfied. Put in a little extra effort, and even consider seeking help in order to feel your best. Sometimes we need to reevaluate our current state and figure out what changes we can make for growth and fulfillment.

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Emma is a freelance writer based out of Boston, MA. She writes most often on health and education. When not writing, she enjoys reading and watching film noir. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2