Flu seasons around the corner . . . and even worse epidemics seem to be poised to spread through the country.

Is our medical system prepared for these threats? We worry and question our doctors anxiously, hoping for some answers.

But while conventional medical interventions can make a difference, our most effective means of protection is largely ignored by most doctors and health experts.

Because inside of each of us we have the smartest, most effective form of defense the human race has ever known.
And nothing that science or medicine has developed can match the sophisticated, speedy and incredibly effective work our immune system does.

In fact many of the “big medical breakthroughs” lauded by scientists today are really our crude attempts to replicate what the immune system already does.

Monoclonal antibody therapy used to treat certain cancers uses a drug that mimics the molecular makeup of the antibodies in our immune system.[1] And the antiviral drug used to treat hepatitis C and other viruses, ribivarin, is simply an attempt at reproducing the immune molecule, interferon, our bodies produce.[2]

Medicine has yet to outperform the immune system in defending our body.

2 Amazing Facts About The Immune System

Here are a few things you should know about the incredible force within you:

1. Your immune system adjusts to what we need. We don’t always have a full army patrolling our body. When we’re healthy, our immune cells drop in numbers, reducing the tax on the body’s resources. But as soon as a threat has been identified, our immune system quickly ramps up its numbers creating legions of highly trained defensive cells and proteins to protect you when the call to arms goes out.

2. Your immune system is complex. The immune system is considered by many immune researchers to be more complex than the brain or any other system in the human body.

And since the immune system is interconnected with our brain - specifically the hypothalamus, it's got access to the world's best super computer!

By now you’ve gained a whole new respect for this powerful force for health inside of you. However, you may still be wondering, “If the immune system is so great – why do we get sick?”

Like any beautiful feat of engineering, the immune system is not unbreakable. Like a car, it needs maintenance. It’s up to us to keep this army strong.

You need to get your sleep, eat right and exercise. All of these healthy activities help keep your immune system strong.

Sure, there's a place for medicine. But don’t – whatever you do – assume that medicine is your only hope in the face of a deadly – or even inconvenient virus like a common cold. You have inside of you your first and best defense.

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