It's no wonder there's so much information available on joint pain relief since millions of people in the world suffer from joint pain. Some of it is good, some more common sense, and other just plain bad advice. I went into full research mode when I suddenly got finger joint pain.

Often times when joint pain occurs, you know exactly what happened, and why you are suffering. Of course, if you stumbled and hurt your knee, or hit something with your hand, you will know why that joint pain suddenly appeared. If there is inflamation, you will need to put ice on it, and that might work just fine. But sometimes, a small mishap can uncover a bigger problem with the joints that has been going on for some time.

If you have been putting ice on your injury for three days or more and are not seeing joint pain relief you should consider visiting your family physician. It's too soon to get overly worried because you could benefit from natural joint supplements as part of your treatment before you are in need of prescription medicine. In my case, I didn't injure myself, that I could remember, but I still gave it a bit of time to see if it would go away, or if I needed to do something else.

Most of the time, the first supplement that is prescribed for joint pain relief is Glucosamine. You may find that a lot of times glucosamine comes mixed with chondroitin. This joint supplement is used not only for its ability to stop the pain, but also as a way to help the joints get back important fluids that may have been lost with the new injury. It is also helpful in rebuilding cartilage so is a very beneficial joint supplement.

Just be aware that a supplement that might help one person find joint pain relief, might not work for everyone. There are also more natural supplements, and a newly discovered ingredient for joint pain relief that seems to be working for more people than Glucosamine did. This supplement is all natural, 100% safe and has less side effects than others because it adds a different important restoring ingredient.

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As with any information, you will need to do some experimenting and find what works for you. I found what works for my finger joint pain, but also discovered it would work for other types of joint pain. Visit my site for first-hand information on joint pain relief.