You couldn’t get enough of each other...
intoxicated with the erotic…
the most gorgeous, soulful, dripping sex and lovemaking every day and then power struggles hit your love-field like crazy.

Is the relationship over or not meant to be?

A Big NO!

But, the truth is you just don’t have the embodied resources, TOGETHER, yet to consciously evolve the interpersonal growth work between you that the relationship brings up.

But you can, and if you want to go from romantic love to the promised land of true love, this is the real honest work of the evolutionary partnership.

First, we must give ourselves massive compassion when the power struggles start.


Grok this. The love hormones that are secreted in the falling in love period; serotonin, testosterone, and oxytocin and SO powerful. But just how powerful are they? Most of us don’t realize. The brain can literally only sustain the most effects of it for up to 18 months.

And after that, there is an unimaginable, PROFOUND drop. It’s the equivalent to coming off of heroin and science has proved that. The purpose of these chemicals is to bring us together, in trust, love, connection, and togetherness. But why, if only to drop us after the falling in love period?

Because, we need that togetherness to navigate the next stage, the one where the rose-colored glasses come off and our evolutionary partnership work begins.

And if we are not in a partnership of convenience or convention like most of our parents were, then we have to commit to a path of growth, together.

We offer an understanding to ourselves and our partner at what we are actually trying to navigate.


- We have to be honest with ourselves and our partners about what our real issues are.
- And start to name them.
- And own our triggers instead of blame and accusation.
- We have to look at how we do vulnerability.
- And honestly name all the other power struggle places, the issues that get brought up for each of us under them? The feelings, the beliefs, the patterns...

This is the deep and honest work of partnership IF it’s going to be one in which we actually grow, not just get stuck in roles and patterns, and do what I call the ‘neurotic work-around.’ THAT, I observe results in one person waking up one day and acting out in one form or another. It’s usually good.

And there are some coaches that do speak about the evolutionary partnership, but no one I know blends the undeniable partnership worlds that come up with my alchemical magic that comes from 35,000 hours of face to face client work - on love, connection, intimacy, sexuality, trauma, spirituality, money, vulnerability, courage, blueprint, ancestral healing, cyclebreaking and so much. My magic is attuned, medicinal partnership curation, for exactly what is needed for you each, and you both.

And when you truly surrender to the work that evolutionary partnership asks for, and the honest messy-human work underneath of it, then you get to have a thriving relationship, not one barely surviving or on the brink. You get to move into creativity and that is an essential ingredient to design the blueprint that IS going to work for your unique relationship and its history, influences, needs, desires, hopes, and wishes. The sooner you commit to that work, the more quickly it evolves.

Helping you go from the romantic love, power struggle phase of a relationship and questioning each other and yourselves, to curating together a solid, personalized partnership blueprint that helps you master how to actually do evolutionary love and maximize personal growth work in the process is what we do in my three months 1:1 hybrid group program where I help coaches, entrepreneurs and professionals. Email me at if you’re interested and we’ll have a quick chat to see if it’s a fit.

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Known as The Intimacy Alchemist & Creator of Soul-Satisfying Love, Sex & Closeness', Joanna turns 30 years of counseling practice into a simple system that helps couples bring back the loving they enjoyed as newlyweds in as little as 2-3 weeks!