It doesn’t matter where you want to go – the next city, the local store, a new life – the starting point must always be where you are right now.
Every process of change begins by determining exactly where we are, then deciding where we want to go and then creating an action plan for moving forward with confidence.
From a place of truth and integrity, write down what you are experiencing right now. Limit yourself to actual facts about the present moment, not conjecture or anticipation or history. Include everything that is on your mind or in your life, without blame comment, criticism, explanation or judgement. Just make a list.
You now have a map of your present. This is where you are.
Your next step is to change your perspective. Move up a level and get a different view. Write down how the map of your present would look from a different angle. From a greater height you can see the horizon. There is a view beyond the woods. There is a vision of the future.
Nothing stays the same forever. That is life. As we attempt to look at the world at large and our personal situation from a different perspective, what opportunities can we identify through vision, hope and focussing on a new horizon? (Remember, there is ALWAYS a solution!)
Every situation has a point of ignition. The source of this ignition for change comes from your self. You hold the key to the future you want. As you diminish your fears you increase a fundamental awareness of your own potential. Don’t be afraid of anything, rather give yourself the opportunities and love that deservedly are yours.
As we learn the process of our own greatness we come to realise that life shouldn’t and doesn’t need a crisis for us to be in touch with the vision of our future and with the opportunities and the freedom that are our right.
Remember, every situation presents an opportunity for freedom. Engage yourself in the world you want. Independently be free with real courage to find the solutions to what you want to be. You don’t have to wait for the dog to die, your marriage to end, your business to fold, your health to fail ... to make a decision to change the way you live.
Open yourself to the realisation of what matters now.
There is nothing to wait for.
The solution can start right in this moment.
Determine exactly where you are.
See new horizons for yourself.
Be willing to look beyond your present circumstances.
Have the vision to accept that change is available to each and every one of us, starting now.
Always be gentle with yourself and aware of the limitless resource that is truthfully you.
Open your heart to yourself as you take hold of what you can and want to be.
The beautiful picture of you by you, like a flashing beacon on a dark night, is nothing more than giving yourself back all that you already have.
Give yourself back to yourself allowing the full freedom of who you are to shine.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, has been involved in business ventures for almost 30 years. He built and operated a company that was listed as one of Ireland’s top 500 companies and is currently involved in a number of diverse business projects. His business experience has led to a deep understanding of the nature of success and to the belief that, regardless of circumstances, education, social status, history or any other outside influence, success is an inside job, inherent in, available to and attainable by every business and every individual.