There are a lot of ways to improve your life out there, but how to you pick the RIGHT one for you? Well, first of all you have to get out there. The bottom line is "seek and you shall find" holds true to this day! If you get clear on what you want, it likely will come. Even if it doesn't come right away, it will come sooner. Clarity is a great thing! Did you ever go to a store with no idea what you want? You meander throughout the entire store...moving haphazardly from one aisle to another. The day drags. On the other hand, sometimes you know exactly what you want and rush right to that aisle to buy it. I am a power shopper. I rarely browse through a store, but rather know pretty much what I want to buy well before I ever get to my destination. It is a great way to efficiently buy what you need!

Take that as a model for life too! Don't meander. Don't wander. Figure out what you want...even if it takes time. Play out different possibilities in your head and see which ones feel the best. Then GO FOR IT! This is one place you can get some clarity on it too: If you are looking for some positive encouragement, Hay House is the way to go. I'll be there. Surrounding yourself with like- minded people who are there to encourage you is a great way of getting what you want too.

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Anya is a Chicago-based writer whose hobbies include dogs, self-help/personal development and listening to great music. For info on this event, visit