There is you, there is your money, there is your desires and needs. Desire is one thing, need is another, and because 97% of people on this planet, believe it or not, have not figured out how these two elements ‘ desire and needs’ conflict with each other, causing the ‘YOU’ confusion as to why there is not enough money around.
The conflict begins when our perception of things we desire become needs.

1. Determining Needs vs. Wants
The things we need seem so obvious such as food and drinks, clothes, shelter, education, love and togetherness.

It is easy to know how much food and drinks we need, but when it comes to material things, clothes, cars, holidaying, parties, etc. We assume that those things are needs, ‘ oh I need that’ or ‘ oh, I have got to have that’, and then we rationalise that desire to justify the unnecessary needs.
If one’s life is worth living, it is worth controlling

2. Stripping unrealistic needs
Do you really need the senior job title that gives you an ulcer? Do you really need to be on a rebound relationship, or marry that lazy bum? Do you really need that second holiday? Do you really need a new car when you can use public transport and clear off your debts or create a multiple stream of income? I hope that the only question you answered yes to be the one about your family.

Rather than being carried away and insisting on the brand new Car, that expensive outfit or accessories for the house, buy one that become an asset and add value and which is two years old but in great condition. If it is a car you want, why pay a fortune for the insurance, tax, and petrol when you can invest that money to triple in a year or two.

A noble goal is one that has a clear perception and discernment, knowing that one’s life has specific goals, can be measured, and is time specific
Earn three times what you intend to spend in a month
If you’re like me, love gaining control of my money – and understand the difference between desires and needs, then, you just need to put that saved money working for you

While on welfare benefits, I always paid myself first, set up a direct debit into a savings account just after pay day and put that money to work right away so I don't get tempted to spend it on unnecessary needs. Budgeting skills is absolutely something you could try to develop if you don’t have it.

Budgeting – From welfare to wellness

You can begin right now by taking notes of your regular bills for each month. You will be amazed at how much you are over spending. You could write a list of your daily expenditure. Each day, when you walk home, grab your note pad, and under each day of the week, write the items you bought and their cost. Even if it’s can of diet coke, or packet of chewing gum. At the end of each month, calculate the total expenditure of that month.

Identify outgoings, trim down the unnecessary. If you're spending more than your earnings, it is critical to take a decisive action towards this before it escalates, but for most of people.

Why pay more when you can pay less and increase saving
Is your bill too high. I save hundreds of pounds, if not more, just by making a couple of switches. You shouldn't have to look too hard, either...

• Financial services

switch from one mortgage lender to another less expensive, savings account or credit card is can generate some extra cash for you.

• Energy

Electric bills are far too high. I always shop online and find a better and cheaper energy provider who saves me couple of pounds each week

• Car Expenses

If you must have that car, you can probably save a hundred pound on car insurance by switching to a cheaper provider – shop and compare online. If you think and know you really don’t need that car, make sure you get the best rail way deal for your journey to work instead of paying daily travel card.

• Holiday Expenses

fancy a break?. Can you live without it? If not, get at least 7 quotes, and plan ahead to give you enough time to find the best holiday package or ticket online. There is no need of paying high price for couple week’s holiday.

• Ups and downs

There will always be some errors, or a fall, but do not beat yourself silly, it’s like riding a bicycle for the first time, you fall, you stand up, you try again until you get it right. Have a smooth and a fantastic journey.

. Falling and winning
If you find yourself in an extremely difficult situation, not just financially, but mentally and emotionally, hire a philosopher coach, success trainer or a mentor. I know I had, and it transformed my life thousand folds, and it was a blessing.

If you desire to join one of my mentors, visit
Until, you read me or see me on one of my videos, may you remain blessed and a blessing to mankind.

Author's Bio: 

Andre Zizi is the founder and Director of ZiziWorld Success Coaching and the author of self empowement books and job coaching audio CDs. He is a philosopher, teacher, mentor, writer and visionary.