On Yin and Yang Theory
An excerpt from “Spirit Metamorphosis” by Isantis Tao (Brian Krall)
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One of the most important things in finding your personal enlightenment, is understanding the nature of reality. And one of the fundamental principles associated with this is duality.

Life is full of different things and the changes associated with them. I can never ever recall a time in my life when I was allowed to remain absolutely in one phase for more than a short period. Every day I get up in the morning, and go to sleep at night. In the morning when I wake up it is early, and light out, when it gets late and dark I go to sleep. During the day time it gets warm and I become active, during the night time it gets cold and I rest. When I get hot I try to cool off. When it is cold I find a way to warm up. When I feel good there will always be a bad time to contrast it. When I feel bad it will feel that way in comparison to a good time I had or will have. During the night time it gets very dark, and it is hard for me to see outside, and we require the use of “lights”. In the daytime it is very bright and easy to see, sometimes too bright, and we use sunglasses. The brighter it is the hotter it is, and this usually occurs at the peak of day, when the sun has the most power—this is called Yang. Darkness and cold also go together with night, which is of course Yin. For every Yin I experience, there is a Yang, and all things go together under these conditions. In the winter it gets cold and there are longer darker nights. In the summer quite hot and there are much longer brighter days. When yin making a major change to yang or yang to yin it may feel quite extreme at first, but then is gotten used to and becomes quite familiar and comfortable, at which point we are transferred back to the other part of the cycle. It is in these such methods of correlation that the Yins and Yangs of existence are completely interdependent and harmonious, pervading all means of existence in every way shape and form.

One time I had a positive occurrence transpire, which left me feeling positive, I felt positive moreover because before that at some point I had felt negative. After feeling positive, I came to a point where I then felt negative again, which was personified as negative in relationship to my prior feeling(s) of positivity. You cant have Yin without a Yang.

I am a man. One time I met a woman. Her and I are of opposite sex, and went together perfectly. I fell in love. With the Love came happiness. After the happiness was over, there was sadness and anger. And then there was hatred. At one point there was a violent dispute between myself and a friend of mine. The dispute was not resolved and we became enemies. At one point I had a dispute with an enemy. The dispute was solved and then the relationship proceeded to be very peaceful, and we became friends. With the concept of harmony only exists as the opposite of discord, and the concept of discord only describes the opposite of harmony. Without Yin there is no Yang. Without Death there is no Life. Life is not conceived without it ending in death. Just as you cant conceive life unless a male and a female combine themselves. You cant have an existence comprised of Yin or Yang without having both. And painting the picture of existence, you cant have a Yin Yang symbol without the two perfectly inter-fitted and combined into one harmoniously balanced, cycling circle. You cant have love, happiness, peace and/or harmony without having hatred, anger/depression, violence and/or discord, just like you cant have day without night, light without darkness, hot without cold, good without bad. Some people come with wishes of “Light and Love”, while others come bearing hatred and evil—As there is not one form of perspective, emotional expression, or way of thinking to be met with. Those who bear both sides of things, they are the ones who hold the pure truth. Learn to embrace both yin and yang, and you will find yourself living in complete accord with existence, Tao, and the Universe. If you try to embrace only the Good, the Pleasant, the Positive, The Yang of things, you will not only not escape the yin, but when it is in turn dealt to you, you will receive it in a much worse way. Likewise, if you wholly embrace the Yin of things the Yang will be all the better when it comes, and you are guaranteed to see it. But the only thing that becomes of embracing only one end of things is being equally confronted with the other side, so it is better to accept and embrace the whole entirety in perfectly harmonious and peaceful balance.

And just as you have 5 senses to perceive the Yin’s and Yang’s of existence, and five colors, tones and flavors, (in the very elemental and mechanical style of the I-Ching from which the Yin Yang philosophy came) there are five main concrete elements operating as the prime factors of the nature of physical Yin/Yang existence: they are Wood, fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Just as there are four seasons cycling within the foundation of the earth, the earth is one of five elements that it has laid out the foundation for, and cycles with. So just as the world rotates making day turn into night, and night into day, and Spring turns into summer, which turns into fall, which turns into winter, which turns into spring again, Wood burns making fire, fire leaves behind earth, earth is the source of metal, metal liquefies becoming like water, water is the nourishment for new wood, and so on. This illustrates that the yin yang philosophy, though on the forefront is a very general theory, does get very in depth, complex, and elemental, as Yin and Yang can be divided into quite the myriad of specific concepts, ways, and things.

So, Yin represents water, female, passive, night, darkness, cold, sickness, death, evil/bad, ugliness, all negative feelings, and anything on the low, heavy end of the spectrum, Yang flows up representing Heat, fire, light, day, active, Male, health, birth/Life, Good, beauty, and the higher, lighter side of things. In the flowing revolution of Yin and Yang they each cycle into one another, oppose one another, balance one another, make way for one another, perfect one another, perpetuate one another, consume one another, and then give (re)birth to one another. But (just as a man and woman unite to conceive life in and of their own two lives) also at the very core of each Yin and Yang is the seed of the other. There is never an individual, absolute extreme separate from its opposing Yin or Yang counterpart, they only occur together. The center of Yin Is In fact yang, and the heart of Yang is Yin. When it gets too bright I close my eyes, and see darkness. But through that darkness behind closed eyes often come blotchy forms of light. Just as fear of a negative state is the foundation of hope, which is the drive to positivity; and night gives us the white moon (and even when not using the moons light we can use a flashlight). Each Yin and Yang can be further divided into another dual yin and yang because Yin plants yang and Yang, in turn, is rooted in yin, and there will always be a little piece of each in its opposite. For instance, many times I have had an extreme high of positive emotions, it has ended up being just a prelude to a very bad time. In the same way that, as mentioned earlier, the summer makes the winter seem colder and darker. This is called “presence in absence” and is the nature of existence, understanding (your own personal experience with) Yin and Yang means understanding the universe.

Black and white, down and up, bottom and top, low and high, fall and rise, short and long, beginning and end, even and odd, 6 and 9, thick and thin, little and big, constriction and expansion/growth, less and more, small and great, weak and powerful, inferior and superior, failure and success, back and front, left and right, backward and forward, past and future, young and old, heavy and light, cause and effect, coming and going, slow and fast, regression and progression, passive and aggressive, cruelty and empathy, rest and activity, stillness and movement, un(sub)conscious and conscious, sharp and dull, shaped and flat, matter and energy, hard and soft, pain and pleasure, part and whole, empty/void & full, closed and open, out and in, consumption and excretion, absorption and secretion, creation and destruction, vagina and penis, science and spirituality, blasphemy and divinity, conservative and liberal, real and un(sur)real, body and soul, earth and sky, moon and sun, submission and dominance, denial and acceptance, instinct and emotion, poorness and richness, loss and gain, nothing and everything, question and answer, no and yes, not and is, falsity and truth, wrong and right, immorality and virtue, difficult and easy, learning and forgetting, work and recreation, chaos and order, binding and freedom, shadow and reflection, this and that, being and non-being, absence and presence, existence is made up of opposing extremes and all things have their opposite – it is all Yin and Yang, and why not, they compliment each other perfectly! And between yin and yang, the thin, gray, neutral, bending line uniting them at the center and also encircling them, being the pure true yielding, encompassing, mothering center, is the Tao. Those who have read the Tao Teh Ching may perhaps see how well the Tao is also described (as this line) in the Yin/Yang symbol. The dual Yin/Yang come from the One (and its 2 precedes the Tomoe three that is Earth, Man and (the) Heaven(s)), which is both Tao and the Universe itself. The Yin Yang symbol is represented with a rotating circle, just as the earth is a rotating circle, and the cosmic entity that is the universe is full of so many other cycles and circles. I think that if one was to look at this giant, divine, systematic sphere which is the universe, it would indeed look exactly like the Yin Yang symbol.

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