Grow Yourself By Learning how to win argument in a positive way

There are always times in our life when we have differed in our opinions, thinkings and decisions with our people around us, like our loved ones, personal friends and colleagues at work. This is all how dis-agreement happens and argument comes along. We will really feel bad when we lose an argument or even we win one, so what the purpose of an argument seems not meaningful because it is a LOSE-LOSE situation. So the best way to win an argument is to avoid it.

When you have two ego people trapped in an argument, both sides will put up their defensive wall and put on their attacking gear to defend their own point of view and invade the other's territory, it does hurts on their relationship and most likely, you will tend to have negative feeling with the other party, even time has passed, still remember the the nail in the fence story? So to achieve a WIN-WIN situation, the best way is to AVOID argument at all costs.

But you may ask, "Why must I give in when I am correct and the other person is in the wrong?"

Stephen Covey talks about our paradigm, our way of looking at things. Each of us look at the world through our own glasses, and perceive the reality differently from others. So, it is quite natural that two people may differ about their view of the same thing. None of them is right or wrong, it is just a difference of paradigm.

It simply means that everyone has their own viewpoint of things and it is different from one another, so there is no right or wrong.

In summary, to win an argument positively is to avoid it totally.

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