We all have different motivations for doing things. Sometimes we're motivated by something we're moving toward and other times by something we're moving away from.

One person might start a business because they hate their job and don't want the restrictions imposed upon them by a boss. Another starts a business because they're driven to produce something.

We all start our businesses in many different ways and for many different reasons. I don't think many people start a business to RUN a business. They embark upon their career in commerce because they want to produce a product or a service. The business is a means to an end.

Most entrepreneurs are self-employed but don't actually own a business. In fact, the business they have often owns them. And if something catastrophic should happen to them, the business would cease to exist.

A real business is one that isn't dependent upon the owner being there. It has staying power and can support the employees, customers and other stakeholders without the owner's presence. It is a living, breathing entity.

Regardless of whether you're self-employed, just starting into business or running a 100-person, 15-year-old company, it pays to examine what, why and how you operate your enterprise.

But why even HAVE a world class business? My answer is a question: Why NOT?

If you're going to invest 10, 20 or even 40 years of your life building something, why not create something exceptional? Why not create a company that can outlast you? Something you can sell, something you can pass on to your children—or your employees?

Did you really begin your business or your career to be average? Average is the best of the worst and the worst of the best. Working at something that's average isn't very inspiring. Doing something extraordinary, on the other hand, IS inspiring—not only to ourselves, but to others.

I don't love every aspect of business, but I do enjoy it. I love the challenge. I love innovating. I love constantly working to improve our systems, service and the value we deliver. Doing the same things in the same way is incredibly boring to me. And I think it is to most people.

Building a world class business is one of those things that's never complete. There are always more ways to be MORE world class. Creating and building a world class business is challenging, exciting and fun. It's something you can be very proud of. It's a bigger game. It's a game worth playing.

Building a world class company enables you to attract and keep better people. It gets the attention of the media and your prospects. People want to do business with a world class company.

Those who are called to this great challenge will not only create better businesses, they will grow personally in ways they never would have otherwise. They will do uncommon things in uncommon ways. They will live a better life and will create better lives for others. They will make a real difference—in their communities, in their nation and in the world.

I challenge you to commit to creating an exceptional company—a world class company. I challenge you to push through perceived limitations. I challenge you to re-think, re-evaluate and re-invent your business model on an ongoing basis.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Angier is founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of SuccessNet.org and helps people and businesses grow and prosper. By being a Diamond Club Member of SuccessNet you can expect to reach new heights of achievement by creating the support structure you need to accomplish your objectives.