Entrepreneurs are often independent minded souls who like to do things their own way and in their own time.

You're risk takers and initiators. All those are wonderful traits that can support your success, but like any qualities they also have challenging sides.

You might be so used to going for it, and making decisions yourself, that when you're faced with a larger challenge you just step on the gas and do more of what you've already been doing. More isn't always better, and in fact, it can sometimes be worse.

Let's say you've spent a wad of money on advertising and get no results, so you decide to spend another wad and then another. Still no results. You begin to get a clue that there's a problem. By now you've spent way too much money, so you're also feeling a bit stressed and worried.

For most serviced based businesses, like health practitioners, web builders, therapists and designers traditional advertising is a waste of money. It costs a lot of one small paper add and usually it doesn't really catch the eye of your potential clients. Why?

First of all, most people call people who are referred by someone. Or they might call you because they read an article you wrote so they see you as an expert that can help them.

Is this a time to get help? Yes, but it would have been even better to get help before you spent the second wad of dough. However the very best time would have been at the beginning. With the right support you could have analyzed your business and developed a marketing plan based on logic with a system that works.

Why do entrepreneurs not get help at the beginning? They're independent types and think they can do it themselves. The truth is that:

1. Most successful business owners ask for help.

2. Someone you trust will get you to think past your own limiting thoughts.

3. Operating from a plan is way better than throwing darts.

4. Every obstacle has a solution.

5. The most successful entrepreneurs will do whatever it takes!!

So, let go of thinking you have to do it all yourself and your self-employment will begin to turn into a real business.

Author's Bio: 

Kaya Singer, owner of Awakening Business Solutions helps small business overcome obstacles and mental blocks in their business and self. She offers free tools and business help on her website, www.awakeningbusiness.com. Her book The Spirit of Business has helped thousands of small business grow and succeed.