This is a common question for those who have struggled with back pain relief. You may have tried a few different techniques or even seen a practitioner or two, yet your back pain remains.


The reason why relief is slow or the results are poor is very simple.

To get long lasting back pain relief you must do at least 2 essential steps ... and these have nothing to do with your muscles or joints.

Most people know that you need to balance your muscles and get joints moving to get relief from back pain. These steps are obvious although there are still simple and effective ways to achieve results ... and some less effective ways.

But the two most essential steps are not related to either of these.

The first step is the most vital. You must find the 'true' cause of your pain. This is not how you lift or bend, it is not related to falls or injuries.

You may have heard of the various distortion patterns that twist your spine and lead to back or neck pain ...

The true cause is the patterns that form that allow pain to develop ... and then become a habit. Once back pain has occurred for a period of time, it becomes a habit.

Once pain is habitual your body believes this to be a normal way of life for you. Your body will stop trying to correct your back issues and only deal with any acute flare-ups ... and not remove all the factors causing your pain.

These distortion patterns will develop over time and become a 'normal' occurrence

How can you detect if you have these habitual patterns?

Simple ... by checking which muscles are tight and various postural clues you will see a pattern emerging. Certain muscles on one side will be tighter than their opposites. You will see shoulder height changes along with pelvic height changes.

Your body will seem twisted and you may even notice one leg appears shorter than the other.

All of these indicate that both these patterns have developed and they are now a habit.

The second step essential step that most miss is also related to these habitual processes.

Unless you train your body to become pain free, your back pain relief efforts will only deliver short term results.

To remove these patterns, to relax muscles and get joints moving well, you must train them to do so.

Most people use techniques or see practitioners ONLY until pain eases. You assume that as pain has eased all the issues have miraculously disappeared ... they haven't.

You stop using the techniques and with time pain returns.

To get long lasting back pain relief you must keep using techniques until the patterns have disappeared and remained that way until new improved habits have formed.

Learning to assess which patterns you have is therefore essential not lonely to remove pain and find the cause ... but to make sure you train your body to remain pain free.

Back pain relief is a simple process if you incorporate these two vital steps.

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