Cancer is a dreaded disease that can become fatal if not diagnosed and treated within a proper time. This ailment can grow out of control and affect not just the part it is in but the entire body. Usually, the body cells grow, divide and die repeatedly in the natural course of being. However, when a person has cancer then the cells don’t die and there is anomalous growth of cells in the affected part of the body. These cancerous cells mix with the bloodstream and can affect other parts or the whole body. If you or anybody you know is suffering from cancer then you should look for the best cancer hospital in Nagpur or elsewhere.

The causes of cancer

The causes of cancer include damages or mutation in the DNA which results in the damage to the genes which are involved in the division and genetic predisposition of the cells. Carcinogens like tobacco, asbestos, radiation, arsenic, car exhaust fumes, and ultraviolet rays, smoking, passive smoking, and tobacco chewing can also cause cancer along with alcohol use and obesity. Then again even lack of physical activity, exposure to ultraviolet light, are also causes of cancer.

There can be many symptoms of cancer which can include fever, pain, fatigue, nagging cough, unusual bleeding, indigestion problems, or trouble in swallowing food, changes in the skin and unexplained weight loss are some of the symptoms of cancer. However, the symptoms can be very varied and occur in combinations when a person is suffering from cancer. Ayurvedic treatment for cancer in Nagpur or elsewhere consider all these while deciding and administering the treatment for cancer.

Ayurveda and Cancer

The treatment of cancer in Ayurveda is very holistic and in-depth. Any Ayurveda cancer hospital does the treatment of cancer considering the entire body and not just the organ or part involved. The specific nature of the particular patient and the aggravated body condition involves the correction of the imbalance in the body and the affected body tissues are treated accordingly. The body is purified of toxins because these toxins cause the cells to grow in an anomalous manner and attack the body.

Cancer treatment in Nagpur or elsewhere includes the administration of the herbs that cleanse the blood and the patient is advised to adopt a detoxifying diet. Herbs are also prescribed to promote the circulation of blood and shift the stagnation of the blood increasing the efficient elimination of toxins. These herbs also help in the healing of the tissues, restoring immunity and boosting the energy of the debilitated body of the patient.

Suppression of emotions and emotional stagnation are the psychosomatic causes of cancer which can manifest in the long run. This is why the crucial part of the treatment of cancer is the relaxation of mind. It can also become a hurdle in the successful treatment of cancer. The patient needs to heal himself or herself at the deepest level of their personality and individuality. For this purpose meditation, counseling or yoga, pranayama or study of philosophy is recommended by the Ayurveda doctors themselves.

Ayurvedic treatment of cancer involves food and lifestyle changes which in turn bring the three doshas of the body into balance, panchakarma is used to cleanse the body and toxins are eliminated with this method of treatment. At the same time, the digestive fires or Jatharagni proper functions are restored and rejuvenation of the body is done through Rasayana medication. These Ayurvedic Rasayanas can act as adjuvant or co-therapy along with the allopathic treatment that you are taking. The truth of the matter is that nowadays even allopathic doctors are advising Ayurveda to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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