Why Some Guitar Teachers Don’t Become Successful

By Tom Hess

Although there are many guitar teachers, only a small percentage of them teach successfully. Many teachers barely earn $35k annually and have few good students if any.

Fact is, everyone has the potential to become a great guitar teacher. It’s more than possible to make $100k+ per year working part time hours.

Question: “Tom Hess, if doing this is so easy, why doesn’t every teacher do it?”

Answer: The majority of guitar teachers either aren’t aware of or choose not to do the simple things that make huge results possible.

The following are three main reasons why the majority of guitar teachers have a hard time becoming successful and how to learn from their mistakes:

Reason #1: A lot of guitar teachers don’t have the motivation to achieve great success. They just teach to avoid having to get a normal job. They see teaching guitar as a way to make a living versus a gateway to incredible wealth.

Here’s your lesson: The way you think determines the level of success you achieve. You need great ambition to achieve great things.

Reason #2: The majority of guitar teachers don’t know how to run a business. They only focus on the everyday aspects of teaching while neglecting to:

  • Create strategies for attracting students all year long.
  • Putting together lessons policies that run your business smoothly while helping you focus your attention on giving greater value to your students.
  • Improving their teaching skills in order to offer the greatest possible value for their students and become the best teacher in town.

Note: Your guitar teaching skills won’t improve when you simply keep teaching for a long time. You get better by working with an experienced teacher trainer to hone your skills. This is the approach successful teachers take. This helps them dominate the competition locally and make a great living.

Reason #3: Most guitar teachers don’t have excellent students. They are fine with getting mediocre results for their students and never helping them become truly great players. In the end, everyone loses. Your students never really achieve their musical goals and you never earn as much income as you’d like.

Here’s your lesson: to truly succeed at teaching guitar, you need to have high ambitions and not settle for mediocrity. Your mindset is the key factor in how big or how little results you get in every aspect of your guitar teaching business.

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Tom Hess is a highly successful guitar teacher, recording artist and professional guitarist. He helps guitar players internationally to become better players with his customized guitar lessons. Check out free guitar playing videos and use a guitar practice guide on his website with effective guitar lessons to learn effective methods for improving your guitar playing.