Managing business finances is a vital part of a business and good accounting software can help with managing it. Most of the small businesses use QuickBooks as their accounting software.
QuickBooks is easy to use and is loaded with features that save you time. QuickBooks saves around 40 hours per month on accounting tasks, which makes it the best choice for QuickBooks for
Small Business
owners so that they can focus the rest of their time on managing and growing their business. The software is incredibly affordable.
QuickBooks is the dream accounting software application for small businesses. It consists of the following features:
• Automations:
QuickBooks automates the task, making the accounting work less time-consuming and less stressful for small business owners. The software can automate recurring invoices, bill payments, paying reminders, sync data from bank and credit card transactions, reconcile and categorize expenses- all of this eliminates the tedious task of manually doing every single transaction.
• Built-in reports:
The software built in reports includes trial balance, general ledger, and 1099 transaction detail reports that spares the small businesses of creating financial reports from the scratch that you need during tax time. You can also mark the reports as favorites so you can quickly find them at the top of the report page. You can also set the software to automatically email the reports to you.
• Automatic backups:
QuickBooks automatically backs up your data. So you need not worry about your books to be safe and up-to-date.
• Electronic Invoicing:
Another feather in the cap for QuickBooks as well for its users. QuickBooks has this amazing feature where you can email invoices to customers through the system, track them, and accept electronic payments and electronic signatures.
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• Integrations:
QuickBooks can integrate with hundreds of third party applications including e-commerce, email marketing, customer relationship management, payment processing, payroll service etc. This system can help save you time by connecting the software to the business programs that you use, allowing you to automatically import, export and sync data in real time.
• Mobile Apps:
Android and IOS, both are available and included with your QuickBooks online account. They can help create , send and track invoices, reconcile transactions, take photos of receipts and expenses, view customer information, message customers directly from the app, add new customers, accept payments on the go and online, view account balance, profit and loss report, and open current and past due invoices.
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Benefits of using QuickBooks.
1. Easily Manages Reporting and Finances. QuickBooks Enterprise can provide users a complete view of all income-related transactions. Also, it allows users to input expense transactions fast.
2. Sophisticated Inventory Management. QuickBooks Enterprise lets users create as many advanced price rules as they want, depending on any combination of the customers, items, and vendors.
3. Manage Sales Representative Properly. Through QuickBooks Enterprise, users can track and follow up on their representatives’ sales leads.
4. Has a Productivity Tool. QuickBooks Enterprise allows users to monitor work processes and improve productivity.
This shows why QuickBooks are an ultimate choice for small business owners. It offers exceptional services to small businesses at an affordable price.
QuickBooks are very simple to use. On the dashboard, you can see a snapshot of your financial status, including overdue and paid invoices, sales, expenses, profits and losses, and the balances of the bank and credit
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accounts you've connected to the system. This gives you a quick overview of the health of your business as soon as you log into the system, and you can click on each graph to go to its action menu or report.

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