Which would you prefer: making a good living entirely through music or being a “starving artist” who spends most of his/her time working at a miserable day job just to get by? No doubt you chose the former... However, even musicians who make decent money in music could be doing so much more if they really tried to make as much money as possible.

Here are the two main reasons why YOU should care about making tons of money in music:

Musicians who earn a lot of money get more opportunities.

Musicians who seek to earn as much money as possible are more likely to take the right actions needed to help music companies and other musicians make more money. When you help others in the music industry make money, your value goes through the roof and all kinds of people want to work with you (such as musicians, bands, music companies, record labels, managers and venue owners).

Musicians who earn a lot of money have more freedom.

Reality: having more money means having more freedom. Musicians who earn good money do not worry about making ends meet, getting paid on time or finding a better paying job. Without these stresses, it is infinitely easier to be creative and flourish in music (as well as life in general).

Having more money means having the power to go on tour when you want, make the best sounding record possible, hire great musicians for session work, make cool music videos and invest more overall time into your music career.

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