Why Most Musicians Fail In The Music Business

By Tom Hess

Many musicians want to be successful in the music industry, but few ever make it. The majority end up frustrated, broke and working a dead-end day job to pay the bills.

Here are 3 common reasons why musicians often fail in the music industry and what to do instead to ensure you become successful.

Reason #1: Lack Of Time, Money And Freedom To Build Your Music Career

It takes money, time and freedom to get anything done in the music industry. Most musicians lack either money or time (or both). Some have lots of free time but no money. Others do well financially but are a slave to their day job. This makes it impossible to be involved in ambitious projects, such as touring or making a record.

Action step for you: learn how to build multiple streams of music-related income that are:

*Congruent with your music career goals. This means your time and energy is invested into your future vs. spent at some day job you don’t care about.

*Mostly passive and residual, so you do most of the work up front and then get paid over and over again (for little/no residual work).

Music business mentoring helps you build these income streams for yourself.

Reason #2: Having A Poor Mindset

Most musicians don’t have the mindset required to become successful. They:

*Feel entitled to success and opportunities.

*Think that record companies (and businesses) are evil and take advantage of musicians.

*Blame other people or circumstances for their own failures.

These mindsets make failure inevitable. Successful musicians understand the importance their mindset has on their careers.

Action step for you: take action daily to strengthen and develop your mindset by: being around success-minded people and studying proven resources about success and achievement.

Reason #3: Doing Things In The Wrong Order

Building a successful music career is about doing the right things, in the right order and in the right way. The order in which you do things is specific to your music career goals and challenges.

Fact: taking the right steps in the wrong order is just as damaging to your music career as taking the wrong steps.

This article helps you plan out a successful music career so you can become a professional musician faster.


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Tom Hess is an online guitar teacher, recording artist and music career coach. As a music career coach, he helps musicians from many countries break into the music industry. On his music instruction website you can find out how to become a pro musician and learn how the music industry works.