I've found that when things seemed hard - for a good portion of my life - it was because I hadn't hit my stride yet. I hadn't believed in myself enough to let go of situations, people and places that weren't for my highest good.

BUT they actually were. Hard things were necessary rungs on the spiritual ladder to a higher version of myself. They showed me areas in my life where I wasn't being good, loving and kind to myself.

So these challenges were great teachers.

Once I could accept and treasure that experience, I could move on and view them with gratefulness for their gift to me. And let them give that "gift" to someone else.

As I did that more and more, I found more loving, higher soul people taking up spiritual residence in my circle of friends and business acquaintances.

And guess what? It got easier, not harder, to be with these people People who serve the planet with deep love and understanding. People with great wisdom. It got fun, exciting and far more enjoyable to be who I really am and who I have created myself to be.

As you rise up your soul ladder, you will find the people who can help you make your dreams come true, your life successful and your inner potential manifest. If it appears hard right now, it's an illusion to show you how wonderful you are. Once you get that, you will glow with the brilliance of the God who made you - to shine your perfect soul essence onto your life and those you touch.

Glow away my friends.

Remember who you are!

Author's Bio: 

Producer and Award-winning author, Terri Marie has appeared in Success Magazine, been featured in Toastmasters International Magazine and other International publications. Terri Marie has been on numerous radio programs and licensed music to EMI, Narada, Columbia House and BMG. Terri Marie produced and directed over 30 documentaries and dozens of exercise shows. She loves to inspire and write about heroes.
Her website is www.TheMoneyMirror.com.